What sexy sheets are fat girls wear

What sexy sheets are fat girls wear

For fat girls, wearing erotic underwear may feel a little embarrassed.However, the correct choice of sexy underwear that suits you can have the effect of self -cultivation and make you confident in sexy.Next, let’s share some suggestions on what erotic underwear we wear.

Choose the right underwear cup

Fat girls usually have large breasts, so it is important to choose the right underwear cup.Choosing a large cup of sexy underwear can fully support the chest, avoid withering, and effectively self -cultivation.

Choose high waist underwear

High -waisted underwear can hide the fat on the stomach, which has a good slimming effect.Choosing underwear with moderate pressure can make you feel comfortable and can also create a beautiful curve.

Choose soft materials

Comfort is a very important factor when choosing sexy underwear.Choosing soft fabrics can make you feel comfortable and make you more confident.For fat girls, it is very suitable for choosing cotton sexy underwear because cotton fabrics do not cause skin allergies.

Choose a style that suits you

It is very important to choose a style that suits you in sexy.Choosing a style with lace lace can have a good self -cultivation effect and cover the fat.You can also choose to make you feel easy and comfortable.

Avoid choosing too tight underwear

Tighter sexy underwear may make you feel uncomfortable, and it will also affect the normal metabolism of the body.Pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you, do not choose too tight sexy underwear.

Choose underwear that can make yourself comfortable

It is important to choose underwear that can make yourself comfortable.The body of the fat girl is different from the ordinary figure, so you must choose the style that is suitable for your own underwear to make herself confident in sexy.

Choose black underwear

Black underwear can make you look more slim, cover the fat, and give people a sense of mystery.Choosing pure black or dark gray sexy underwear is a good choice that can make you more comfortable and confident.

Choose underwear with a slimming effect

Some sexy underwear has a slimming effect, which can make you more slender in an instant.Choose underwear with chest, underwear, body clothes, and body clothes, etc., can have a good weight -loss effect.


Wearing erotic underwear is not unable to wear, but to find one that suits you.Choosing the right underwear style can make you look more confident and sexy, and at the same time, it can also have a good self -cultivation effect.Choosing a soft and comfortable material, suitable sizes, can maintain normal metabolism of the body and avoid affecting health.Try bravely, find a sexy underwear that suits you, show self -confidence and beauty!

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