What sexy underwear is wearing flat chest and small breasts

What sexy underwear is wearing flat chest and small breasts

1. Simple lines

For girls with flat breasts and small breasts, simple bras are the first choice.Choosing a brace -free or steel rim can make the figure more natural.

2. Drain with chest -holding effect

If you want to increase the three -dimensional feeling of the chest, you can choose the bra with chest -holding effect.Such as: 3/4 cups of bras, filled bras, etc., with thin sponge pads, can increase the fullness of the chest.

3. No shoulder straps

For girls with flat chest and small breasts and wearing off -the -shoulders, you can choose the shoulder -free bra.This bra is particularly suitable for summer. Wearing a strap without traceless bras can make your personality interpretation more perfect.

4. Personally connective jelly

Personal connective underwear can be worn outside as a top, which can better highlight the benefits of the body. The overall sense is stronger and more practical.

5. Interesting underwear with abdominal effects

For girls with a slight abdomen, you can choose sexy underwear with abdominal effects.This kind of underwear is mostly a loose abdomen design, which will not make you feel uncomfortable, but also make your body more perfect.

6. lace underwear

Lace underwear can make the figure more beautiful.Especially the bra with lace covered with lace can make the chest softer, and it will not look too huge.

7. silk underwear

Silk underwear is very suitable for girls who want to show feminine.Wearing silk underwear can better highlight the curve of the body and be more comfortable.

8. Eye masks, gloves and other accessories

Accessories are also part of sexy underwear, which can be used to increase the layered sense of figure.Such as eye masks, gloves, etc., pay attention to color and quality when buying.

9. Fish net underwear

There are various styles of fish net underwear, which can make the figure more layered.But because there are too many styles, it is recommended to choose a classic model.

10. Interesting underwear with a body -shaping effect

Some sexy underwear has a shaping effect. It can improve the figure while wearing, so that your chest and waist lines are more beautiful.

In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose according to your needs and physical condition.The one that suits you most is the most beautiful.Don’t blindly pursue big breasts, what really suits you is the most beautiful.

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