What should I do if my boyfriend wants to buy sexy underwear

What should I do if my boyfriend wants to buy sexy underwear?

Some female friends may encounter such a situation: boyfriends want to buy sexy underwear, but they do not know how to deal with this situation.This article will help you answer this question and provide you with suggestions and guidelines.

Step 1: Know the boyfriend’s needs

In the face of his boyfriend’s inquiry, you should first have a certain understanding of his thoughts.You can find a chance to ask him what style and size you want to buy, and ask what he wants to buy sexy lingerie for what purpose he wants to buy.

Step 2: Consider your own feelings

After learning about her boyfriend’s thoughts, as the other half, my feelings are also important.Ask if you accept this idea and be willing to try this new thing.If you feel uncomfortable or unwilling to try, you can show your girlfriend.But if you feel happy, you can buy your boyfriend.

Step 3: Choose a style that suits you

If you already agree with your boyfriend to buy sexy underwear, consider choosing a style you like, which can not only meet the needs of your boyfriend, but also make yourself feel comfortable and satisfied.

Step 4: Know the size

Before buying sexy underwear, the size is very important.Make sure the size is accurate and avoid the use of inappropriate size.Sometimes sexy underwear is different from the usual underwear wearing underwear, so you need to look at the relevant instructions and size guidance.

Step 5: How to buy

You can choose to go to the mall or shopping center with your boyfriend, because this can make yourself easier to choose the right style and size.If you don’t want to go to a physical store, you can also choose to buy it online, which is more convenient. You can only click a few times to complete the purchase.

Step 6: Avoid embarrassment as much as possible

When buying sexy underwear, you will encounter embarrassing situations.You can discuss with your boyfriend and screen at the beginning to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.Of course, this is not to say that you want to remove all the surprises and thoughts, but to do it more carefully to avoid destroying the pleasant atmosphere.

Step 7: Enjoy the process

The process of buying sex underwear should also allow yourself to enjoy it.You can choose the right style and size with your boyfriend to enjoy this unique experience.When buying sexy underwear, it can also be used as an interesting thing, not simply buying.

Step 8: Try

After buying sexy underwear, the most important thing is to try to put on it.If you have some uncomfortable for this underwear for the first time, you can tell your boyfriend with confidence.With mutual support, you will find that you will gradually accept and like this unique type.


Although it may be disturbing when I first encounter my boyfriend’s purchase of sexy underwear, it can also become an interesting experience after understanding and accepting.The key is to respect each other, tolerate, communicate, understand and accept.This is what to establish, maintain and consolidate a happy relationship.

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