What should I do if my girlfriend has fun underwear at home

What should I do if my girlfriend has fun underwear at home

Finding sex underwear is indeed a bit embarrassing and surprised, but it is understandable to think of the needs of girlfriends and curiosity.Here, I will provide some suggestions, hoping to help you.

Treatment of erotic jackets rationally

First of all, we must put aside the shallow concepts, do not equate sexy underwear with sexual tools, and do not have wrong prejudices.Interest underwear is a fashionable experience and lifestyle that can help increase the fun and color between husband and wife.We should look at erotic underwear rationally, don’t have too much emotional color.

Respect the girlfriend’s needs

My girlfriend must buy sexy underwear for some reason and needs, perhaps because of curiosity, longing for freshness, and enhancing self -confidence.We must respect the choice and needs of my girlfriend, and to understand her thoughts and moods.If we cannot accept the choice of girlfriends, it may hurt her feelings and affect the relationship between the two parties.

Protect the privacy of his girlfriend

Girlfriend’s purchase of sexy underwear may be personal personal behavior. We must respect her privacy and dignity, and don’t preach it without knowing it.In addition, we should not share this with outsiders, so as not to bring embarrassment to our girlfriends.

Communicate with girlfriend

If your girlfriend is embarrassed or uneasy about your discovery, we need to communicate with her.When communicating, we must patiently listen to his girlfriend’s opinions and ideas, understand her psychological state, and give support and encouragement.

Follow your girlfriend

If your girlfriend takes the initiative to show us sexy underwear or invite us to experience it, we can follow the pace of our girlfriend and enjoy the fun together.However, when participating, we still need to maintain rationality and respect.

Evaluate your own values

If we have negative values for sex underwear, then we need to evaluate whether our values are correct.The times are developing and society is progressing. We need to update our own value concept and concept.Choose sexy underwear for girlfriends should not produce unnecessary discrimination and prejudice.

Do not force

In the life of husband and wife, rich and diverse experiences are beautiful and beneficial, but this does not mean that we want to force ourselves to experience it.If we have the psychology of products such as sexy underwear, we can decline or remain silent.Don’t be forced or persecuted to do what you don’t want.

Face the problem

If your girlfriend buys sexy underwear is because of sexual life problems, then we need to face up to the problem and seek help.Communicate with girlfriends, go to the hospital for help, and conduct sexual education is some ways to solve problems.We need to take measures in time to avoid more serious problems.

Be sensible

In the end, when encountering sexy underwear, we need to maintain rationality and do not over -interpret or think too much.Through calm thinking, objective assessment, and treating rationally, we can better deal with this problem and maintain the relationship with our girlfriend.


The situation of the sexy underwear at home may make us feel uncomfortable, but we cannot criticize or have prejudice to our girlfriend.It is what we should do rationally, respect to girlfriends, communicate, and keep calm.Sex underwear is a fashion, experience and lifestyle, and we should constantly update our values and ideas.

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