What to do if sexy lingerie is ugly

What should I do if sexy lingerie is ugly?

Please don’t give up the pursuit of beauty!Whether it is shopping or dressing, we all have the right to enjoy its happiness and show its understanding of beauty.Find a sexual and emotional and fun underwear to make yourself feel confident and beautiful.If you feel that your sexy lingerie is ugly, don’t be afraid, these methods can help you.

Know your figure in -depth

First of all, you need to understand your figure and find a sexy underwear that suits you.Knowing your own size and figure can help you choose the right sexy underwear.Different brands have different styles and sizes, so it is the most important thing to find sexy underwear that is most in line with your body.

Find the right color and style

Colors and styles are also very critical.Different colors can highlight some parts and hide the shortcomings of other parts.If you want to emphasize your chest, it will be very suitable to choose a dark or bright milk sticker.If you want to hide the fat on the abdomen, you can choose to tighten the sexy underwear on the waist, so that the abdomen is not highlighted.

Selected high -quality erotic underwear brands

In addition, choosing a good sexy underwear brand is also very important.Different brands have their own design concepts and tailoring methods.Choosing a brand with professional knowledge can help you find the sexy underwear that suits you best, and make you feel confident and comfortable.

Pay attention to the occasions and time of wear

At the same time, pay attention to the occasion and time of sexy underwear.Different clothing requires different types of sexy underwear to match.In many different occasions, such as family, office or dinner, you need to choose sexy underwear that matches the scene.

When you don’t know how to wear it, look at the stars’ words and deeds

If you are not sure how to match sexy underwear, you can get inspiration through some other ways, such as following the star’s wearing style or strolling in a fashion blog.Drawing on their dress style can help you better match your own sexy underwear to improve your fashion taste.

Stay in shape

It is also very important to keep your body.If you want to wear sexy underwear more sexy and more beautiful, then you need to pay attention to diet and exercise habits, and maintain a good figure in an appropriate way.

Sexy underwear also needs maintenance

In addition, it is also critical to pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear.Different erotic underwear has different fabrics and washing methods.It is necessary to follow the instructions on the label to clean and maintain daily maintenance.Poor maintenance can cause problems such as loose, distorted, and back color.

Choose different erotic underwear according to the season

Finally, choose different erotic underwear according to the season.In summer, you can choose a light and breathable sexy underwear, and you need to choose warm and protect your back underwear in winter.


In short, to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you need to find a high -quality brand, understand your body shape, pay attention to matching, maintain your shape, and choose the right fabric and color.As long as you follow these basic guidance principles, you can easily choose sexy underwear that suits you to show self -confidence and beauty.

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