When buying sexy underwear, you will carry HPV

Note: This article is for reference only. Do not use it for medical diagnosis or other similar purposes. If necessary, please consult a professional doctor.

Title 1: What is HPV?

HPV is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus. It belongs to DNA virus and can cause a variety of different lesions, including genital warts and cervical cancer.

Title 2: How to carry HPV in sex underwear?

In the process of manufacturing, transportation, storage and sales, sexy underwear may be exposed to the body fluids of people with HPV, such as blood, urine, or sexual organ secretions.Without proper disinfection and cleaning, these sexy underwear will carry HPV viruses to become a medium to spread HPV.

Title 3: The way of spreading HPV virus

Under normal circumstances, HPV spreads through sexual contact, such as direct contact, oral sex, anal sex, etc., and can also be transmitted through skin contact, such as physical skin contact.If sexy underwear is contaminated by HPV, it may also become a way to spread.

Title 4: How to avoid sex underwear carried HPV

When buying sex products, you need to choose a recognized merchant to avoid buying products that are unknown or do not know brand certification;

For sanitary reasons, it should be avoided with sexy underwear. Even couples or married couples are the same.

In order to better use sexy underwear, we must also ensure that it is cleaned before and after it. Each use needs to be completely cleaned and disinfected to remove various impurities and viruses to reduce the risk of infection with HPV.

Title 5: How to clean up sexy underwear correctly?

When cleaning sex underwear, we should pay attention to the following points: soaking: removing large pieces of impurities and soaking clothes in warm water for 10-30 minutes; cleaning: use professional or ordinary detergent, completely clean clothes to avoid residual; disinfection: Yes: YesUse professional disinfection water and other bactericides to completely disinfect the clothes and kill the germs; dry: dry the clothes to avoid contact with a large amount of dust or impurities.

Title 6: How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

Different people are suitable for different erotic underwear. When choosing, you must first consider your body, skin condition, sensitivity, style and needs.It is best to choose products with good breathability, odorlessness, and soft texture to ensure skin comfort during use.

Title 7: Interest underwear is not the only way to spread sexually transmitted diseases

It should be noted that sexy underwear is not the only way to spread sexually transmitted diseases. It is just a possible way.In addition, there are many other ways to spread sexually transmitted diseases, such as sexual behavior, blood, maternal and infants, etc.

Title 8: The importance of sexual life health

Sexual life has an important impact on human body and psychology.In addition to the use of sexual underwear and other protection measures, we also need to pay attention to personal hygiene, health and safety, and reduce the probability of infection germs.

Title 9: Consultation to a professional doctor

If you feel unwell or doubt, you should consult a professional doctor in time and check.This can ensure your health.

Title 10: Conclusion

In short, although there is a certain connection between sexy underwear and HPV, as long as we take protective measures such as correct use, cleaning, disinfection, and consulting professional doctors as soon as possible, we can reduce the risk of infection.Maintaining good sexual health is the responsibility of everyone cannot be empty.

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