When should I send a messy sheet

Sending sex underwear is a very private decision. Many factors need to be considered, such as the nature of the relationship, the hobbies of the other party, the quality and the style, and so on.In this article, we will discuss when we should send sex underwear and what should be paid attention to.

Paragraph 1: What is the sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It is more bold in style and material, more sexy and teasing.It aims to improve the sense of joy during intercourse and let people explore all aspects of Epither.Sexy underwear usually includes sexy underwear, sexy underwear, uniforms, retro underwear, etc.

Paragraph 2: Understand the gift

It is very important to understand the gifts before deciding to send love underwear.Consider a person’s taste, style and good evil; if you are not sure, you can hint or ask about the relevant questions directly.If you do n’t understand the other party enough to show their gender interest, you should act carefully -rarely are more embarrassing than receiving the wrong gift.

Paragraph 3: What is your relationship?

The scope and potential significance of the corresponding relationship between the gifts are also very important. Sending sex underwear is very private. The other party must be a person who can contact your gifts.Therefore, sexy underwear is usually suitable for couples, couples, stable sex partners or close friends.If you are not sure about your relationship with each other, it is best to bypass such gifts.

Paragraph 4: Quality and safety are important

The material of the internal tailor and fabrics of sex underwear must meet the highest standards to ensure safety and comfort.Choosing a good quality of sexy underwear can avoid adverse effects on skin sensitivity or other problems.When buying, it is recommended to choose a reputable seller or brand, and check the details carefully, such as sewing and fabric texture.

Paragraph 5: Master the size

The size of sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear.Before buying, be sure to confirm the size with the other party.Traditional sexy underwear styles are usually close to the body, so you must ensure that the custom size is suitable for each other.Otherwise, this underwear is not only uncomfortable, but also makes people very unpleasant and the experience of affecting sex.

Paragraph 6: Make privacy to the best guarantee

Before sending sex underwear, you must ensure that the location of gifts is relatively small, so as not to face embarrassment; at the same time, pay attention to the best confidentiality.If you don’t want to use postcards or other obvious mailing and delivery methods, you can choose a third -party platform or other confidential channels for distribution.

Paragraph 7: Know the style

The sexy lingerie is very rich. To choose the most suitable one, you need to understand the other party’s preferences and needs, such as style, color, material, etc.Men usually like red, black and gold; women prefer pink, purple and red.At the same time, the style and preferences of different brands and designers must be considered.

Paragraph 8: The timing must be proper

Gifts must be proper.Be sure to avoid sending fun underwear in public, avoid unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort.It is recommended to send sex underwear on the anniversary, Valentine’s Day or the birthday of both parties, which can enhance the meaning and meaning of gifts.

Paragraph 9: Pay attention to whether the other party is disgusted

To remind everyone, you should also consider whether the other party is disgusted before sending affectionate linker.For some people, such gifts may cause dislike or discomfort.If you think this may be a problem, first understand their opinions through other ways to ensure that gifts are wise.

Paragraph 10: Is it meaningful to send sex underwear?

Before choosing to get a sexy underwear, many people need to ask themselves a key question: Is it appropriate to do this?Is it meaningful?The fact is that this depends on the feelings of both parties.For some people, sexy lingerie gifts are very personal and special, which can increase trust and intimacy; for some people, giving gifts does not make much meaning.Therefore, before deciding to send love underwear, we must think about whether it is appropriate.

In short, you must consider many factors carefully if you decide whether to send a sexy lingerie.If you think this is an ideal choice, then make sure to carefully understand the other party and other circumstances so that you can get the best experience.If you are ready, then sending sexy underwear is a positive way to promote the development of relations.

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