Where do you lose sex underwear?


Interest underwear is a underwear designed to increase sexuality.However, many times people don’t know where to put them.This article will discuss the storage location and skills of sexy underwear.

In the bedroom cabinet

The best erotic underwear storage is to put them in the wardrobe of the bedroom.Here they will not be discovered by others, nor will they be wrinkled.However, please make sure that the sexy underwear is opened separately so that you can avoid being worn by other clothes.

In the sealed bag

If you have no wardrobe, or your bedroom is very narrow, then the best choice is to put them in a sealed bag.This can avoid the infringement of dust or flying insects, and make them easier to move.

In the drawer

Another good way to store sexy underwear is to put them in the drawer.This method allows you to easily find the underwear you need, and the drawer can avoid waste.Also pay attention to classifying storage to avoid confusion.

Hanging on a hanger

For some high -quality erotic underwear, you can consider hanging it on the hanger.This allows you to save space, and they are neat and not vulnerable.In addition, this storage method will make your sexy underwear storage more fashionable and elegant.

Independent storage box

If you have a variety of sexy underwear, it is recommended to use an independent storage box.Professional erotic lingerie boxes can be classified according to the size, which is easy to use, avoiding the mixed and damage of underwear.The storage box can be placed above the wardrobe, which is more convenient to use.

In the safe

If you have a very expensive or rare sexy underwear, you can consider putting them in a safe.This method allows your underwear to avoid loss or damage.In addition, children can prevent children from getting underwear to play and cause damage.

On the wall cabinet

If your room is very small and there is no space to place the wardrobe, you can put them in the cabinet on the wall.The cabinet is protected by locks and keys to ensure privacy.At the same time, you can put them out according to your preference as a room decoration.

In the storage box

If you live in an apartment or a dormitory and do not have your own bedroom or wardrobe, you can choose to buy a portable storage box to store sexy underwear.The storage box can support a larger space while avoiding the disputes between the embarrassment with the bedroom roommate or others.

In the refrigerator

For some special materials (such as soft, rubber or latex), sexy underwear can be placed in the refrigerator, which can protect its material and shape.Repeated this intention to be suitable in the storage environment, such as those who were stored in room temperature should not be refrigerated.

in conclusion

In general, there are many ways to store erotic underwear, including placed in the bedroom cabinet, sealed bags, drawers, hanging hangers, independent storage boxes, safe storage boxes, cabinets on the wall, storage box, and in the refrigerator roomEssenceNo matter which method you choose, you must ensure cleaning, avoid chaos, and truly achieve storage purpose.

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