Where to wash the sex underwear


As a sexy and elegant clothing, sexy underwear is loved by more and more people, and how to properly handle and clean the sexy underwear has also become a problem that many people care about.Let’s discuss how to clean and dry the sexy underwear.

Cleaning method

First, we need to determine the way of cleaning.Interest underwear needs to be very careful when cleaning. If it is very dirty, it is recommended that you cover the underwear on some white fabrics with mild soapy water for cleaning, and try not to use the washing machine for cleaning.If there is a detailed design on the underwear, rub it gently, rinse it with water after cleaning.


The cleaning agent of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention. Try not to use too irritating cleaning agents on the detergent, as well as cleaner containing excessive acidic ingredients, because these ingredients are prone to damage underwear fabrics and shrinkage.It is recommended to use some specialty underwear cleaner, which are soft and suitable for underwear materials.


When using a cleaner, you also need to pay attention to water temperature. It is best to use warm water to clean the underwear. Do not use overheated or too cold water for cleaning, so as not to affect the material and elasticity of the underwear.

Hand washing or machine washing

When the cleaning method is selected between hand washing and machine washing, generally speaking, hand -washing underwear will be more gentle, and although the machine washing is convenient, it may damage the underwear fabrics and materials. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your underwear as much as possible.


The sexy underwear is the same as other clothes. It also needs to be cleaned regularly. Do not clean it for a long time, otherwise there will be odor.It is recommended to clean the interval between two or four times.

Precautions for drying

After cleaning the sexy lingerie, you need to dry it after cleaning, but you also need to pay attention to the following points when drying:

It is best to avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading

Don’t expose it, it is recommended to dry indoors

Don’t put it in the dryer and dry it

There may be metal hooks or accessories on the underwear. These parts cannot be directly exposed to the sun, so as not to rust or deteriorate.

Humidity environment

When users are drying sexy underwear, they also need to pay attention to the humidity of the environment.Do not place it in a humid place to avoid mildew, active bacteria, and destroy the health conditions of underwear.

How to store

After washing, the sexy underwear should be kept reasonable after drying. It is best to place the underwear in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture. It is recommended to hang the relatively intact underwear to avoid mopping the ground.

Underwear box

If you are worried that underwear will be polluted, you can choose a special underwear box for storage, and regularly wipe and clean the underwear box to keep the underwear clean and hygienic.


After the above introduction, we can see that the cleaning and drying of sexy underwear need to pay attention to some details. The correct cleaning method can protect the material and elasticity of the underwear. The reasonable drying and storage method can extend the life of the underwear.When underwear, we need to pay attention to strengthening the cleaning and maintenance of underwear.

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