White Flower Angels Sex Underwear 7203

White Flower Angels Instead 7203 -Sexy Silk Beauty Backs

brand introduction

Baihua Angel is a brand of sexy underwear. With bold, sexy, comfortable, and close -fitting design concepts, it is committed to creating fashion boutiques for women.From the selection of fabrics to the tailoring process, every detail has been carefully considered, and strives to bring the best quality dressing experience to customers.


Baihua Angels Sexy Underwear 7203 is a beautiful back -backed chest. It uses sexy silk fabrics. It is smooth, silk, and smooth, making people want to touch it.The bra uses a flat cup design to wrap the chest throughout the chest to form a plump effect.The back is designed with a tulle, which is strong and comfortable, and it also exudes endless seductive charm.

product details

The really good underwear should not feel its existence, and the white flower angel erotic lingerie 7203 has this excellent quality.The steel -free design is not only closer to the body, but also does not compress the breast, and the perfect care for the chest is a brand that pays deep attention to breast health.At the same time, the adjustable shoulder strap design is used to make the underwear more fit the body, more comfortable and natural.


Put on the white flower angel erotic underwear 7203 you will feel the joyful experience it brings to you.Using light silk fabrics, providing sufficient support, can not only shape, but also make the figure more perfect.At the same time, the graphic cup design perfectly covers the chest to form a plump effect, allowing women to double the confidence.

Applicable scene

Baihua Angels Sexy Underwear 7203 is suitable for various occasions such as weddings, dinners, parties and other occasions.The exposed silk fabric and back design make you full of temptation, confidence and elegance.Wearing it, you can release your inner passion and show your feminine charm.


Baihua Angels Sexy Underwear 7203 uses high -end silk fabrics, which require professional cleaning methods.It is recommended to use hand washing or dry cleaning, and do not use a washing machine.Pay attention to gently cleaning, do not use too hot water to ensure the integrity of the underwear and avoid damage.


Baihua Angels Sexy Underwear 7203 has a built -in cushion, which needs to be doubled to avoid deformation.At the same time, the long -term storage of underwear also needs to be sorted and transferred frequently to avoid local deformation.You can also put underwear in the dust bag for storage, which can be kept clean and tidy.


You can buy it on the official website of Baihua Angel, and you can also find some Taobao shops for purchasing.It is recommended to carefully check the size guide before buying to ensure that you buy your underwear suitable for your own.In addition, be sure to confirm whether the after -sales service is complete, customer evaluation, etc. to ensure the quality of the purchased product.


The white flower angel sex lingerie 7203 incorporate high -end silk materials and sexy back design into it, making women more confident and charming.Use steel -free design and flat cups to cover the chest, forming a plump effect, which can also make underwear more comfortable and natural.At the same time, it is recommended to gently clean and storage correctly to ensure long -term maintenance of underwear.

Applicable people

White Flower Angels Sexy Underwear 7203 is suitable for modern women who love fashion and pay attention to details.For women who pay attention to their figures and pursue elegant and sexy, Baihua Angel is definitely a messy underwear brand that is not to be missed.

Point of view

Sexy, comfort and high quality are the biggest features of white flower angel sexy underwear 7203.It not only has a stylish appearance, but also has superb craftsmanship and intimate design. It is a very recommended sexy underwear.

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