White sex underwear

White sex underwear drop belt

White sex lingerie is full of mystery and temptation, which can add sexy charm of women.However, now more and more women are facing a serious problem when wearing white erotic underwear -underwear belt.This will not only reduce women’s self -confidence and charm, but also affect daily life and work.So, how can we solve the problem of white sex underwear?This article will introduce you how to solve this problem.

1. Choose a size that suits you

Wearing a white sexy underwear for your body is very important for avoiding the problem of avoiding the problem.First of all, women need to tailor clothes and choose the right size.Don’t be greedy for small, wearing too small underwear can cause the underwear to be too tight and the physical protruding. If the underwear is too loose, it is easy to fall.Therefore, ensuring that the correct size is one of the key to avoiding the belt.

2. Select the right style

There are many white sex lingerie styles, and each model reflects its attraction from different aspects.When wearing a white sexy underwear, you need to choose a style that conforms to your figure, style and temperament.For example, for large breasts, large breast cups are more suitable for supporting and maintaining breasts, and for women with less breasts, they will choose to increase the lingerie of the cup.

3. Select the appropriate fabric

The choice of fabrics will affect the comfort and durability of the underwear.Choose the material that can perfectly fit the skin and elastic materials, such as soft cotton and good air permeability.Moreover, for women who are easy to sweat, skin sensitivity or seasonal changes, they must pay special attention to the fabric problems of underwear.

4. Adjust the right strap length

The strap is the easiest part of the underwear.If the length of the strap is too short or too long, it will affect the support and tightness of the underwear.Therefore, in order to avoid the problem of lingerie, adjust the strap length according to your shoulder width and bust.At the same time, pay attention to keeping the height and length of the shoulder straps on both sides.

5. Pay attention to the correct way to wear

When wearing a white sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the correct method of dressing.First of all, the steel ring of the bra should be adjusted gently to the appropriate position.Then wrap the underwear tightly to ensure that the body is covered.And raise the flesh behind to determine the comfort and aesthetics of the underwear.

6. Avoid excessive activity

The problem of lingerie is largely related to the intensity of activity.If you often engage in high -intensity activities, you will cause the drop of underwear.Therefore, when choosing and wearing underwear, you must choose different styles and materials for daily activities and special sports. If you have to perform high activities, you must relax the risk of reducing the shoulders of the underwear.

7. Avoid improper cleaning and improper drying

Improper cleaning and drying will affect the quality and life of the underwear, and then it will easily lead to the problem of lingerie.It is recommended to use a mild laundry solution to clean the white color and sexy underwear, do not use a bleach to avoid corrosion materials and affect the quality of the underwear.When drying, do not dry directly in the sun, so as not to cause the aging and deterioration of the underwear material. It is recommended to dry it in a well -ventilated drying place.

8. Regularly update

Even high -quality underwear will be worn and degraded with factors such as use time and washing.Therefore, regular update of underwear will be healthier and comfortable.Women should update underwear every six months to ensure the comfort and closeness of the underwear while avoiding the problem of losing the belt.


There are many ways to avoid white sex underwear, but the most important thing is to wear underwear suitable for your body, style and temperament.Make sure the correct size, the appropriate style, the fabric, adjust the correct strap length, pay attention to the correct method of dressing, avoid excessive activity, improper cleaning, improper drying, and updating underwear regularly.Keep confidence and elegance.

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