Why are sexy underwear cheap

Why are sexy underwear cheap?

Due to its sexy and charming design, sexy underwear has always been a gift that men like and want to give their lover.Although we will find that the price of sexy underwear sold on major e -commerce platforms is generally low, but this is also doubtful: Is the quality of sex underwear good, or is the market competition too fierce and the price is low?This article will answer you from multiple angles.

Low material cost

First, let’s look at the process of making sexy underwear.Most erotic underwear uses cheaper materials, such as lace, linen, silk, etc.The price of these materials is relatively low, compared with the velvet, silk and even cashmere of high -end clothing brands.

Simple design

Compared with other clothing brands, the design of sexy underwear is relatively simple.Just like beginners to learn to draw a simple flower, the time and processes need less, and the price will naturally be lower.

Simple process

The production process of sexy underwear is relatively simple.Generally speaking, the equipment, technology and labor costs needed by manufacturers are relatively low, which reduces production costs and reduces unit prices.

Batch production

Many sexy underwear manufacturers often use large -scale, low -cost production methods.They will make a lot of sexy underwear in a short time. This production method effectively reduces production costs and can be sold at a lower price in the market.

Wide sales channel

The sales channels for sex underwear are relatively wide, and there are many types of products with a variety of types and different prices.In addition to traditional physical stores, manufacturers often use modern information technology such as e -commerce platforms and WeChat mini -programs to sell. Consumers can buy their favorite products anytime, anywhere, which also further lowered the price of sexy underwear.

Don’t pay attention to the brand

As just said, various costs such as the material, design, and processes of sex underwear are relatively low. Therefore, compared with other clothing brands, sexy underwear manufacturers pay more attention to profits, not as brand power as fashion brands.Marketing invested a lot of funds.In fact, it may be difficult for you to remember the names of some sexy underwear brands.

intense market competition

Finally, compared with other brands, the market competition in the sexy underwear is very fierce.In order to seize market share, various manufacturers often adopt marketing strategies such as price reductions.Although the price is already very low, merchants often provide coupons, free delivery and other activities to attract more consumers to buy.


In summary, there are many reasons for low price of sexy underwear, including low material cost, simple design, simple process, mass production, wide sales channels, and fierce market competition.Although the price is low, consumers still need to refer to factors such as the quality, material and design of the product itself to ensure the purchase of goods that meet the standards.

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