Why is Pinduoduo not sexy underwear

Pinduoduo market positioning

Pinduoduo is an e -commerce platform that attracts young users with low -cost and affordable products.Its core users are users of low -income youth, third- and fourth -tier cities and rural areas, mainly selling ordinary consumer goods and daily necessities.Therefore, Pinduoduo’s market positioning and the high -end and professional positioning of the sexy underwear market are not suitable for selling sexy underwear.

Restrictions on policy and regulations

Interest underwear belongs to the scope of sexual supplies, and has policy and regulations in my country.According to the current laws and regulations, sexy underwear can only be sold on a regular erotic goods store, and it is forbidden to sell on platforms without sales qualifications.Therefore, even if Pinduoduo has the willingness to sell sexy underwear, it will face the obstacles of restrictions on policy and regulations.

Operating costs increase

Compared with ordinary consumer goods and daily necessities, the market positioning of sexy underwear is more accurate and requires professional marketing and promotion strategies.At the same time, the quality and materials of sexy underwear are also required to be higher, and more costs need to be invested in quality and production technology.This has increased the operating costs of sexy underwear, and it is difficult to sell for platforms called low -cost and affordable platforms such as Pinduoduo.

User purchase demand

The core users of Pinduoduo are mainly from low -income youths, rural areas and third- and fourth -tier cities.Compared to sexy underwear, these users are more inclined to buy practical, durable and cheap underwear.Although Pinduoduo also sells some sexy underwear in other categories, it does not mean that the demand for users to buy sexy underwear is high.

Product supply chain issue

The production, processing and sales of sexy underwear require strict production and sales qualifications, and at the same time strict requirements on the supply chain system.Because Pinduoduo positions low prices and affordable, it is difficult to find sexy underwear manufacturers and suppliers that meet the requirements.Even if there are suitable suppliers, for Pinduoduo platforms, it is difficult to control the quality and channels of the supply chain, thereby facing risks and after -sales problems.

Brand image and market credibility issues

Although the sales demand for sex underwear, Pinduoduo, as a platform mainly for home appliances and daily necessities, if it sells sexy underwear, it may weaken its brand image and market credibility.Many users regard Pinduoduo as a platform for selling cheap products. If they sell their products, they may cause unnecessary misunderstandings and adverse social impacts of consumer concepts.

Too small market share

The brand competition and market structure of the sex underwear market has matured, and the market share has been relatively divided.E -commerce platforms, such as Tmall and JD.com, have also been sold in sex underwear.Compared with these giant platforms, Pinduoduo’s market share is relatively small, and the benefits of selling sexy underwear are less income.

User privacy and security issues

Sexy underwear is a private consumer product. Selling sex underwear will expose users to the public, involving user privacy and security issues.Although most users can keep secret when buying sexy underwear, some users still feel inconvenient and embarrassing when they buy, and need to choose a platform with a certain anonymous platform.

The after -sales problem that has not been resolved

As a private consumer product, sex underwear needs to get a certain after -sales protection after purchasing.However, the after -sales service of domestic sex lingerie is relatively scarce. Many brands and sellers have difficulty providing professional after -sales service. In this context, Pinduoduo has the ability and professionalism of selling sexy underwear.


Pinduoduo should choose to sell products that meet their own characteristics according to their own market positioning, policy and regulations and user needs.Although sexy underwear is an emerging industry with huge market potential, it is difficult for sexy underwear to sell for low -cost and affordable platforms such as Pinduoduo.Pinduoduo should continue to optimize the sales of conventional categories in the future development, enhance user purchase experience, and enhance their own influence and market share.

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