Women’s sexy underwear pants with beads

Women’s sexy underwear pants with beads

Women like to wear sexy underwear to increase sexual fun, and thongs are the most representative of them because it makes women look very sexy.At the same time, adding small beads to thong can also increase visual effects and sensory stimulation.Here are related content of women’s sexy lingerie pants with beads.

1. Design of thong

The design of thong is to make women more sexy when wearing, and at the same time can bring more stimuli to sex.It uses a T -shaped design. There is only a small piece of cloth in front, and there is only a thin piece in the back. More skin is exposed, so that the beauty of women is fully displayed.

2. The paving of beads

Adding small beads to thongs can make women look more attractive, and how to spread small beads is also very skillful.Generally speaking, on the thin pants head, sometimes the beads are evenly covered with uniformly; sometimes the small beads are concentrated in one position of the trouser head or designed as irregular shapes.

3. Material selection

When choosing a lady’s sexy lingerie pants with beads, the choice of material is very important.Comfortable materials can increase the feeling of wearing and ensure that there will be no discomfort in the process of sex; and durable materials can extend the life of the underwear.Generally, it is advisable to choose breathable, soft and elastic fabrics.

4. Selection of color

The color of thongs with beads is also a problem that many women consider, because color matching can not only increase the visual effect, but also add more color to sex.Black, red, blue, purple, etc. are common colors.

5. Selection of size

When buying a lady’s sexy lingerie pants with beads, it is also critical to choose the appropriate size.Choosing inappropriate sizes may cause discomfort and affect sex.Therefore, it is best to measure your size before trying it on to ensure that the default size is selected.

6. How to wear

It takes some skills to wear thongs.First, try to avoid wearing in public, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment.Secondly, try to be as flat as possible when wearing to avoid wrinkles, otherwise it will affect the sexy effect.Finally, you need to pay attention to hygiene to avoid infection and spread diseases.

7. Maintenance method

Women’s sexy lingerie pants with beads need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.Generally speaking, mild detergent should be used to avoid damage to details and beads.When drying, it is best to avoid direct sunlight to avoid deformation.In addition, avoid contact with sharp things to avoid falling beads.

8. Sexy experience

Women’s sexy underwear pants with beads wearing experience is great.It can not only increase the sexy feeling when wearing it, but also make the taste more intense.In the process of sex, thongs with beads can increase the sense of irritation and make emotions more sublimated.

Viewpoint: Women’s sexy underwear pants with beads can not only increase the sexy charm of the wearer, but also more importantly bring more stimulus experience to sex.When choosing and dressing, pay attention to the material, color, size and method of dressing, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance.

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