Yang Mi love underwear girl picture photo

Yang Mi’s sexy underwear girl picture photo photo

Yang Mi has always received widespread attention in the film and television industry with her fresh and sweet image, but in recent years, she has also begun to challenge herself and try a more sexy image. Among them, a series of sexy photos appeared. In these photosA strong sexy atmosphere exudes.

Brand recommendation: Victoria’s Secret

To wear a sexy and sexy underwear girl, choosing a brand is very important.In this regard, Victoria’s Secret is a very recommended brand. Their quality is guaranteed, the style is also very fashionable, and the scope of applications is very wide, which can meet almost all needs.

Common materials: lace

Lace is one of the common materials of sexy underwear. It is soft and comfortable, and can renders the charming and sexy of women.Of course, we need to pay attention to maintenance when wearing lace products to avoid excessive damage.

Selected style: three -point style

There are many styles such as half cups, full cups, no cups, three -point, etc., but if you want to wear sexual and emotional and fun underwear girls, the three -point style is a good choice.It is not fully covered with the chest, making the chest more plump and straight. At the same time, it can show the slender beauty of the upper part of the navel, and the effect is very good.

Color match: black

Black is a sexy representative color. Compared with other colors, black can better renders the gloss of the skin. At the same time, black can make people look slimmer and slender.If wearing black and sexy underwear, even a pair of ordinary black pants can wear sexy effects.

Matching method: long socks

If you want to further enhance the effect of sexy underwear girls, you can choose to pair with a black socks to reveal the blank part of the legs as much as possible, so that the legs look longer and more sexy.

Suitable occasion: private party

The image of a sexy underwear girl is suitable for displaying in small -scale occasions in private parties, so that people can focus more on your body, thereby enhancing sexy effects.And if it is displayed on other occasions, it may appear too exposed and inappropriate.

Note: physical condition

The image of a girl in a sexy underwear requires a certain physical condition. For example, the body needs to be relatively well -proportioned, the skin needs to be delicate and smooth, and it also needs to maintain a good attitude and confidence, so as to better wear sexy effects.


The image of a girl in sexy underwear needs to choose suitable brands, materials, styles and matching, and pay attention to occasions and personal physical conditions.If you can do this, you can easily wear sexy effects.