Yiwu Huancai Funny Underwear Factory Recruitment

Yiwu Huancai Funny Underwear Factory Recruitment

Yiwu Huancai’s sexy underwear factory, a company dedicated to sexy underwear, is headquartered in Yiwu City, Zhejiang.Due to the rapid growth of the business, a group of professionals need to recruit a group of professionals to join our team to create glory together!

1. Position introduction

This recruitment position includes designers, procurement commissioners, marketing, sales representatives, etc.

2. Salary benefits

We will provide competitive salary based on your experience and ability, combine compensation and benefits, actively respond to employee needs, and pursue employee growth and value.

Third, work place

Our headquarters is located at No. 58 Futian Road, Yiwu City. The company has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It only takes ten minutes to drive away from Yiwu City.

Fourth, office requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, good English reading and writing ability;

2. Good communication and coordination ability and teamwork spirit;

3. Proficient in functional software, familiar with the use of office automation tools, and excellent experience in e -commerce platform operation experience preferred;

4. Love fashion, good at sellers prefer, and have a certain understanding of the sexy underwear industry.

5. Company advantage

1. Good corporate atmosphere, open and inclusive working environment, sustainable development space;

2. Through the Internet standards and mobile office, you can seize the opportunity in a fast -moving market environment;

3. Provide good training and development plans for backbone employees to achieve career planning and career growth;

4. Special employee welfare system to help employees complete comprehensive guarantee for medical insurance, provident fund, and dormitories.

6. Work content

Here is the content you are most looking forward to:

1. Designer: Depending on market conditions and customer demand to carry out style design, drawing, and proofing work;

2. Procurement Specialist: Responsible for coordinating, classification, evaluation and decision -making of procurement products to ensure product quality;

3. Marketing: Responsible for the development and maintenance of product motion sales channels;

4. Sales Representative: Responsible for promoting the company’s products, in -depth communication with customers, following the signing, and enhancing product sales.

7. Application method

Interested parties, please send related information such as personal resumes, design works, academic qualifications to the following email: [email protected].

Eight, company information

Company Name: Yiwu Huancai Sexy Underwear Factory

Company Address: No. 58, Futian Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

Company Tel: (0579) 9876-5432

Nine, warm reminder

Please indicate the application position in the email and refuse all intermediary services;

Resume information will be strictly confidential and only for recruitment.

10. Viewpoint

Yiwu Huancai’s sexy underwear factory is a company pursuing innovation, professionalism, and excellence. We welcome the joining of people with aspirations to create a better future!

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