You need to wash it first when you buy sexy underwear

You need to wash it first when you buy sexy underwear

Interest underwear is cheap, diverse, and easy to get in the market, so many people choose to buy online on Taobao, this case, it is difficult for us to determine whether these underwear meets quality standards.Therefore, regardless of whether the sexy underwear is new or second -hand, we should wash it once before wearing it.Here I will explain why this is important.

Eliminate chemical residues

When we buy new sex underwear, they usually use chemical preparations to maintain the shelf life during long -distance transportation.These chemicals may cause skin allergies and even other adverse reactions.By giving sexy underwear, we can eliminate the relative quantity of these chemical residues and reduce our body’s exposure to these chemicals as much as possible.

Prevention of disease preliminary infection

In the production and transportation process of sexy underwear, they may be polluted by different sources of pollution, especially second -hand underwear.Second -hand sexy underwear may be contaminated into different pathogens, such as bacteria or viruses.These pathogens may cause infectious diseases, such as bacterial infection or sexually transmitted diseases.Therefore, it is necessary to wash the sexy underwear before you wear it to prevent the spread of the disease.

Mass quality inspection

By washing the newly purchased sexy underwear, we can check whether the quality meets the standard.Some inferior underwear may occur during washing, which suggests that these underwear is not suitable for long -term wear.

Eliminate the odor

Whether it is newly purchased sexy underwear or second -hand, they usually have odor.These odors may come from production materials, such as chemicals.Wash these underwear to remove these odors and make your wear more comfortable.

Keep cleaning

Wearing underwear for a long time can cause dirty underwear, especially when we participate in some violent activities.Therefore, washing underwear can keep the underwear clean and hygiene to prevent pathogenic infection and bad smell.

Avoid reddish -brown blood stains

For those female friends, sexy underwear may also have blood stains.Whether blood stains come from menstruation or other physiological processes. Washing underwear can effectively remove blood stains and make underwear glow.

Extend the life of underwear for underwear

Finally, washing underwear can extend the life of sexy underwear.Underwear can eventually cause fabric wear all year round, and washing can eliminate impurities that may damage the fabric.

my point of view

In short, whether it is buying new sexy underwear or second -hand sexy underwear, for health and hygiene, we should wash it before wearing.In addition to eliminating chemical residues, preventing disease infections, checking the quality of clothes, and eliminating odors, washing underwear can also ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of underwear and extend its service life.

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