How to make sexy underwear girls with feet

Use your feet to make fun underwear girls

Interest underwear has always been a choice that various couples use to increase interest and bring excitement.For girls, being able to make some special sexy underwear by themselves can make different fun.Here is an unusual way to use your feet to make sexy underwear girls.

1. Preparation (select the right fabric)

The texture of sexy underwear is crucial. It is necessary to choose soft, comfortable and breathable materials.For fun underwear, it is best to choose materials that can appear visually.For example, a shiny humid effect, or a well -revealed curve.

2. Soaking and washing

Before starting production, you need to soak and clean the selected materials.This method can make the fabric softer, and accurately present the required color and effect after cleaning.

3. Make bra

First of all, the feet should cut the fabric according to the material of your chest and fabrics according to the material of the bra.The fabrics on both sides are then sutured.Next, suture the outside of the bra to the interior to make it complete.

4. Make underwear

Next, modify the template of the bra as a template for underwear.Make the same method for underwear.

5. Complete the basic part of sexy underwear

The part of the underwear and the bra can be sutured together to make basic sexy underwear.

6. Add details

In order to make sexy underwear more eye -catching, you can add a variety of details.For example: Use the rope to bypass the stomach behind the bra to give people a deep impression; sew the light to sew the light to the chest of the sexy underwear, so that it can have a good effect in the dark;Itchy hair edges and so on.

7. Look at the effect

After completing all the production, wear a sexy underwear to see the effect.Make sure you feel comfortable and confident.If not, continue to adjust.

8. Take pictures and share

If you feel that the erotic underwear is great, you can take pictures and share, so that the world knows its own creativity and achievements.

9. Care yourself and enjoy the feeling

Interest underwear can not only increase interest, but also enhance self -confidence and physical feelings.Wear the sexy underwear made by yourself, care for yourself, and enjoy the beauty of the inner feeling.

10. Summary

The use of feet to make sexy underwear girls is very beneficial to confidence in confidence and curiosity and fun.And his own creativity and achievements can also be praised and praised, which is not comparable to other methods.

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