Sex underwear restraint service

Sex underwear restraint service

What is restrained service?

Restrictions are a kind of sexy underwear that is tight and restrained. Its design can highlight the curve of women’s figure, and at the same time increase some changes and atmosphere, making the sex life more interesting.The restraint can be worn at a date or romantic dinner to make you more sexy and attractive.

Which types of restraints are the most popular?

In the sexy underwear market, the most popular restraints generally have the following styles:

Bonding suits: including belt, gloves, ankle bands, etc., which can completely restrain the body.

The upper body tights: tightly wrap the chest and abdomen to make the figure more prominent.

Leather tights: The design of the leather makes the whole person look more cool and sexy.

Speed tight skirt: The bright split design in front of the eyes is not only sexy, but also makes the movement more flexible.

Please select the correct size

The correct size is the basis of style and comfort, and the foundation of sexy and beautiful.When buying restraint, you should measure your body size first, and then find the restraint service of the appropriate size.Because the restrained service design is relatively tight, you must not choose too tight or too loose styles, otherwise you may cause discomfort and harm to the body.

What should I pay attention to when buying restraint services?

When buying restraint, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Materials and quality: The ingredients should be selected with soft and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton, silk, elastic fibers, etc., so that they are more comfortable to wear.

Style and color: The color of the restraint can choose black, red or other dark colors, and choose simple and generous styles, which can highlight the temperament and sexy of women.

Brand and price: In addition to selecting well -quality and reasonable brands, you can also find some cheap and good -quality restraint on Taobao and Pinduoduo.

How to take care of the restraint?

Restrictions are high -quality sexy underwear, which need to be managed and cleaned frequently, so as to be more secure and durable.

Washing: Restrictions are usually used by hand washing or machine washing, and washing with a neutral washing solution or professional sexy underwear washed.

Drying: After being washed, it should be placed in the sun or ventilated place for drying, but it should not be exposed to exposure.

Maintenance: Before wearing, you can ventilate the restraint in a place that is not directly shot by the sun, so that it will restore the original shape, better maintenance and longer use.

Correctly wearing restraint skills

The restraint service is usually tightly designed, which requires the wearer to wear correctly to avoid injuries or uncomfortable.When wearing, you should start wearing from below, then to the top to avoid excessive pulling and tightness.

Use scene of restraint service

Restrictions are suitable for various occasions and scenes, such as:

Interest life: In love or marriage, you can wear restraint services to increase interest and passion and enhance emotion.

Party activity: During the party or dance, wearing restraint can highlight the charm and confidence of women.

Nightclub play: In the nightclub, wearable restraint can make yourself more attractive, sexy, enchanting, and get more attention.

Choose the psychological adjustment of restraint services

When using restraint, you must adjust your mentality.The restraint service makes people feel restrained or controlled to a certain extent. If it is improperly used or the mentality is unstable, it may cause small pressure and harm to the body and psychology.

in conclusion

Restrictions can not only increase interest and atmosphere, but also a way to show women’s charm and confidence.If you choose, wear and maintain correctly, restraint can not only play a role in beautifying the figure, enhancing interest, and increasing vitality, but also enhance interpersonal communication and interaction.

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