Sexy underwear show

Sexy underwear show

Opening remark

Have you ever been attracted by the sexy underwear wearing the character when watching the TV series?In recent years, fun underwear, as a fashionable trend, has been injected into the plot by more and more TV dramas, making the audience shine.This article will introduce you to some classic sexy underwear and the story behind the TV series.

The first sexy underwear -pleated skirt set

In the TV series "Biography of Chu Qiao", the heroine Yue Lingshuang (Zhao Liying) appeared in a veil with a veil.One of the styles of sex underwear.

The second sexy underwear -hollow small vest

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In the TV series "Whirlwind Girl", the heroine Qiao Yan (Lu Yidi) is wearing a sexy hollow small vest. There are many empty holes in the vest of this style, which almost reveals all the body parts of Qiao Yan, showing womenSexy, charming and sexy side.

The third sex underwear -lace underwear

In the TV series "Ode to Joy", Lin Han (Yang Zi), one of the heroines, often wore a long -awaited lace underwear. The sexy feeling of lace materials and close -up design has become one of the highlights.

The fourth sexy underwear -kissing tattoo

In the TV series "Hunting Ground", the heroine Qu Xiaoyu (Chen Duling) has a striking sexy underwear, which is the underwear printed with kissing tattoos.This sexy underwear not only has sexy styles and soft materials, but also more importantly, the design of this tattoo pattern complements its image.

Fifth sexy underwear -college wind panties

In the TV series "Zhen Huan Biography", the college wind and jumpsuit worn by Jiayu are also regarded as a sexy underwear.The unique design allows the court women officials to wear a lot of fashion and sexy charm in the palace.

The sixth sex lingerie -rabbit girl dress

In many movies and TV series, you can see the heroine wearing a rabbit girl dress, which is also a sexy charm of sexy underwear.The bright colors and cute decorations constitute the characteristics of the rabbit girl outfit and attract the attention of the audience.


Seventh sexy underwear -real silk suspender skirt

In the TV series "Langya List", several female characters are wearing sexy silk suspenders skirts. The design of the camisole skirt can effectively set off the beautiful figure of women. Of course, one of the red suspenders skirts are the most popular.

The eighth sex lingerie -lace net socks

In the TV series "Three Lives and Three Pillow Books", the heroine Bai Qian (Yang Mi) wore various styles of sexy underwear all year round.Among them, Bai Qian’s lace net socks are the most classic, sexy lines and soft materials have brought deep and unforgettable impression to the audience.

The ninth sex lingerie -nude pantyhose

In the TV series "Biography of Chu Qiao", Yue Lingshuang played by Zhao Liying wore a nude pantyhose, while setting off sexy, and adding a high -end fashion sense to Yue Lingshuang.

Tenth sex lingerie -tailor shawl

In the TV series "Biography of the Moon", the cutting shawl of the heroine Yueyue (Sun Yan) is also regarded as a sexy underwear.This shawl design is unique, with a cold and mysterious beauty and sexy.


In the TV series, sexy underwear is given more meaning and has become a part of clothing design. Let us know more about the sex of the sexy underwear while watching the TV series.No matter what style of sexy underwear, its existence adds more sexy, beautiful and mysterious temperament to the character, adding an infinite charm to the story behind.