Shopping in sexy sheets

Shopping in sexy sheets

Shopping in sexy sheets

As a sexy underwear expert, I believe that every woman wants to wear sexy underwear to feel different female charm.When shopping, why not choose to wear sexy underwear?This article will introduce you to how to wear fun underwear when shopping to make you more confident.

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, you need to choose the right style according to your figure.If you are full of figure, you can choose lace and meaty underwear, which will look more sexy.If you are a thin body, you can choose tedious details and layered underwear.In short, you need to ensure that sexy underwear is comfortable, fit, and improve your self -confidence.

2. Select the right color

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With the development of fashion, the design and color of sexy underwear are becoming more and more diverse.If you want to wear sexy underwear while shopping, you can choose solid or black underwear.At the same time, if you want to wear color sense, you can try to match the same color or choose bright colored underwear to improve your attention.

3. Try to have diverse underwear

In addition to conventional sexy lingerie styles, you can also try other styles of sexy underwear, such as Asian style and European style.You can choose suitable sexy underwear according to different occasions and situations.For example, in summer, you can choose light gauze underwear; in winter, you can choose thick underwear.The salesman will generally provide you with suggestions and comparisons.

4. Resolutely deal with the problem of wearing

I believe you have now realized that wearing sexy underwear may bring some problems.You can solve this problem through some tips.First of all, you can choose a suitable underwear for a cup.Secondly, you can choose a fine shoulder strap to avoid slippery shoulder straps.Finally, if you notice that the underwear frame is exposed from the outside, you can try to choose a wider border or not show your chest.

5. Don’t match too much

Although sexy underwear can increase the overall sexuality, too much wearing and matching can cause negative effects.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear, we should avoid overly fancy jewelry and too complicated colors.If you choose a relatively simple sexy underwear, you can choose accessories to improve the overall style.

6. Try different underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, women should also choose the right underwear.For example, choosing high waist underwear can help your waist lines more well -proportioned.You can also enjoy seamless and transparent texture when choosing underwear, which will help highlight your female curve.

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7. With the right shoes

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, the paired shoes are also important.Women can choose a high -heeled shoes or elegant flat shoes.High -heeled shoes can better highlight the beautiful legs and reveal a sexy atmosphere.Flat shoes look more natural and comfortable, allowing you to better enjoy shopping.

8. Pay attention to appropriate occasions

When you choose to wear fun underwear, you need to consider suitable occasions.It is obviously inappropriate to go to the office in sex underwear.You can wear on shopping or private parties.For the former, you can wear a tulle transparent sexy underwear; for the latter, you can wear sexy hot pants underwear.

9. Make sexy underwear a part of you

When you put on a sexy underwear, you need to make sexy underwear a part of you.You can twist your body to show your sexy charm, or bring greater confidence to your appearance.When you are shopping, it is also a wonderful thing to attract others because of wearing a sexy underwear.

10. Take off the sexy underwear in a timely manner

Most importantly, wear sex underwear on a suitable occasion.When you walk out of the street, you may find that wearing erotic underwear is not suitable for your environment.At this time, you need to decisively take off your sexy underwear.You can choose to put the fun underwear in the bag or temporarily replace other underwear.

Viewpoint: It is interesting to wear sexy lingerie shopping, but you need to pay attention to matching and occasion issues.Only in appropriate occasions and wearing at the time can sexy underwear be integrated into your daily life.