Sicky sexy underwear

Sicky sexy underwear


As a unique fashion element, sexy underwear has long been a lifestyle of modern urban people. Among them, the sick and sexy underwear has attracted much attention.According to incomplete statistics, in the current sexy underwear market, the sick style has become one of the most popular series.So, what exactly is sick and sexy underwear?Let’s find out together.

The definition of sick sexy underwear

The sickness sounds like a special way to sell cute, but in the field of sexy underwear, the sickness style is not a cute style, but an extremely distorted emotional expression. It is a sexy underwear with a unique style. In particularSymatic, deformity, and beautiful emotional expression.

The characteristics of sick and sexy underwear

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The characteristics of sick and sexy underwear are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Color: black, purple, and red colors are dominated.

Style: strap type, naked, ultra -short, ultra -thin.

Decoration: lace, mesh, buckle ring and other elements.

Accessories: SM elements such as handcuffs, collar.

Style: morbid, distorted, deformity emotional expression.

Suitable occasion

As an emotional expression that emphasizes the pathological state, the occasions of sick and sexy underwear are also special. It is mainly suitable for the following occasions:

Party gathering: wild, publicity, suitable for revealing self and emotion in this occasion.

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Personal life: As a way of personal life, sick and sexy underwear can also become a way of expression of life, adding life interest.

Husband and wife life: Especially in the life of husband and wife, the sick and sexy underwear directly shows the distorted beauty, and has won the favor of many husbands and wives.

Sicky sexy underwear matching

The matching of the sick and sexy underwear is also particular, mainly to pay attention to the following points:

Accessories: It is recommended to match SM elements such as handcuffs and necklaces.

Shoes: Black high heels are a good choice.

Overflow: It is recommended to pair with black leather jackets, tight T -shirts, etc.

Pants: Tight black pantyhose is a good choice.

How to choose

Pay attention to the following points when buying sick and sexy underwear:

Style: Pay attention to your body and style, and choose the most suitable sick style for you.

Brand: Make sure to choose the sick and sexy underwear of regular brands to avoid quality problems.

Material: Need to choose comfortable, elastic fabrics.

Price: Price is not the main consideration, but it is also necessary to pay attention not to be confused by too high.

Precautions for sickness and sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points when wearing sick and sexy underwear:

Cleaning before use: Newly purchased sexy underwear needs to be cleaned to prevent allergies or bacterial infections.

Wash in time after use: Keep hygiene habits, should be cleaned immediately after each use, and keeps clean.

Patients with pregnancy or susceptible to infection: patients with pregnancy, menstrual periods, and sexually transmitted diseases should be worn with caution.

It should not be worn often: over -wear is prone to skin allergies and itching.

The harvest of sickness and sexy underwear wearing

On the one hand, the harvest of wearing sick and sexy underwear is to return to themselves, release pathogenic emotions, and on the other hand, adding life fun, experiencing sexual passion and excitement.

Sicky sexy underwear in the future development trend

With the improvement of people’s living standards, society has become more open.The erotic underwear industry is also constantly developing, and sick and sexy underwear must have a wider market prospect in this environment.In the future, with the development of the sexy underwear industry, sick and sexy lingerie styles will be more diverse and stylish.


Although the sick and sexy underwear is not a style suitable for everyone, its unique style and emotional expression make many people feel like.Of course, before wearing sick and sexy underwear, you need to understand your physical condition and some precautions. Health and safety are the most important.