Small one wears 1 meter 8 sex lingerie

Small one wears 1 meter 8 sex lingerie

1. Understand your body characteristics

Small wearing fun underwear, we must first understand their own figure characteristics.Because height is less than 1.8 meters, wearing too long or too large erotic underwear will look shorter, so try to choose a fits sexy underwear.

2. Select the right style

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, the small women can choose some styles with simple lines, no excessive patterns and details. These styles make people look more upright after putting on, standing more straight.

3. Choose the right color

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It is also important to choose the color of sex underwear.Light color and bright colors are easy to make people look more depressed. The dark color is more suitable for small women, not only more taller, but also more attractive.

4. Choose the right cup

When a small one wears sexy underwear, the choice of cups is also very important.The appropriate cup can make the chest more upright, while too large or too small cups will make people look more loose or fat.

5. With high waist pants

Small people wearing fun underwear can be paired with high waist pants, which can lengthen the legs of the legs, which looks taller.At the same time, high waist pants can also modify waist fat and make the body proportion more coordinated.

6. Use of accessories

Appropriate accessories can also make small women more tall.For example, you can choose a pair of high -heeled shoes, which can make the entire person’s standing position more upright, and it can also play a role in modifying the leg shape.

7. Brain supplementation effect

In the process of wearing sexy underwear, you can try the effect of brain supplementation.Imagine putting yourself on a sexy underwear and see which details need to be adjusted and which need to make yourself taller.

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8. The importance of overall sense

The focus of small people wearing fun underwear is not a single part, but to pay attention to the overall sense.Try to choose the combination of the overall lines and color coordination, it seems that the whole person is taller.

9. Confidence the most important

The most important point is self -confidence.Regardless of whether height is enough, self -confident women are the most beautiful.In the process of wearing sexy underwear, self -confidence can make a person’s aura more powerful and more charming.

10. End view

It is not a difficulty to wear fun underwear. As long as you master some basic matching skills, you can wear tall effects.But the most important thing is self -confidence, and self -confident women are the most beautiful.