Take the initiative to wear sexy underwear for boyfriend

Why do you wear sexy jackets

Many women like to wear erotic underwear in bed, which can not only increase interest, but also increase women’s self -confidence and self -esteem.At the same time, women who wear sexy underwear will pay more attention to the health and maintenance of their bodies. Because sexy underwear needs to be closely exposed to the skin, it can promote blood circulation and skin metabolism.

How to choose sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to styles, colors and materials.First of all, choose a style that suits you, you can choose according to your body and preference.In terms of color, you can choose according to different occasions, such as pink and red sexy underwear suitable for romantic occasions. Black sexy underwear is suitable for a deeper atmosphere.In terms of materials, it is recommended to choose comfortable and breathable materials, such as cotton or lace.

How to match clothing

If you want to go out in a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the matching with other clothing.You can choose a long coat with a large silhouette to cover your body, and it can also give people a sense of mystery.You can also choose the right high heels and handbags to make the whole person look more feminine.

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is important, otherwise it will affect its life and hygiene.It is recommended to wash as soon as possible after each use. You can choose warm water or cold water handwashing and clean it with neutral detergent.It must not be cleaned with bleaching water or strong sewage, nor can it be disinfected with chemicals such as alcohol, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to sexy underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear more sexy

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to gestures, postures and movements.You can gently touch the lace or silk on the sexy underwear with your fingers, or you can gently seduce the body’s sensitive parts with your fingers to make the scene warmer.In terms of posture, you can imitate the shape or free play in the movie. It is important to show the beauty and elegance of women.

The surprise of sexy underwear to her boyfriend

When wearing a sexy underwear on the bed, not only can women feel more confident, but also bring more surprises and stimuli to her boyfriend.You can use the wearing and removed process of sexy underwear to stimulate the passion of your boyfriend and make the whole atmosphere more interesting.At the same time, sexy underwear also brings a very special visual enjoyment, making her boyfriend more appreciate and eager to her girlfriend.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, classifying according to style, color, material, etc.There are various styles of suspenders, bras, underwear, dresses, cats and women, etc., with classic red, black, white, and blue, purple, pink, etc.In terms of material, there are lace, silk, cotton, etc.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions and character women.

The meaning of the gift of sexy underwear

As a unique gift, sexy underwear has certain significance.It can be given to my lover as Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, etc., expressing their emotions and love.At the same time, it can also be used as a gift between women, sisters and other women to enhance the feelings between each other.

Spring underwear price

The price of sex underwear is different, depending on the style, material and brand.Ordinary sexy underwear ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and some high -end brands of sexy underwear can even reach thousands of yuan. The price needs to be selected according to its actual needs and purchasing power.


Overall, wearing erotic underwear can improve women’s confidence and charm and increase life interest.When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to styles, colors, materials, and matching, and also master the cleaning and maintenance method of sexy underwear.As a special gift, sexy underwear has certain significance and value.The most important thing is that wearing sexy underwear on the bed can bring more surprises and stimuli to yourself and lover.

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