Taobao sex underwear model composition source

Taobao sex underwear model: three main sources

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, we can often see a variety of model display, so that we have a intuitive understanding of the effect of the product.Where do these models come from?

The first: brand provided

Some sexy underwear brands will provide model photos through their own online shops or Taobao official stores.After careful selection and post -production, these photos show the best state of the product.The advantage of this method is that it can fully reflect the style and characteristics of the brand and help consumers better understand the brand.However, there are also disadvantages, because all photos are provided by the brand, so it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of the photo.In addition, some brands will strictly screen the models, resulting in the model of the model in the photo too perfect and inconsistent with the actual situation.

Second: Model selfie

Another part of the sexy underwear model is provided by the store or model itself.The biggest advantage of this method is the authenticity. The models use the product to shoot, and the effect is more realistic and credible.In addition, selfie photos reflect the characteristics of the model, which can better attract the target group.The disadvantage is technical restrictions. Some models do not have professional camera skills, and the quality of photo may be relatively low.

Third: network material

There are also some sexy underwear model photos from the network.These materials are usually shared by photographers or models on social platforms or picture websites, and shops can choose online.The advantage of this method is that the number of photos is abundant and can be used for the selection of the shops.However, there are also disadvantages. The photos may be used by many shops at the same time, making consumers feel boring.

Take hot pants as an example

The above three methods have their advantages and disadvantages. How to choose?Taking hot pants as an example, consumers should first pay attention to the authenticity and effect of photos.If it is a photo provided by the brand, carefully distinguish whether the picture is over -fixed.If it is a model of a model, consumers should pay attention to whether the quality of the photo meets the requirements.If it is a network material, it is necessary to ensure that the photo does not compete fiercely on Taobao to avoid the embarrassment of twin photos.


In short, there are many sources of Taobao sex underwear models. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider when buying.It is recommended that consumers choose photos that meet their needs from authenticity and effects.On the premise of ensuring authenticity, the store should work hard to make the most professional and beautiful sexy underwear model photos to improve the effect of product sales and customer evaluation.

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