The novels of the young and Xiao Shou wearing a fun underwear

The sexy underwear journey of the younger class

Xiao Shou in the love of gays, was attracted by some unique and exquisite design men’s underwear when browsing sex underwear online. The real estate could not try to try.So he began to look for a sexy underwear that suits him, and began a journey full of interesting and exciting.

Style 1: Conjusational sexy underwear

Conjusational sexy underwear is a very popular type of sexy underwear.The design of jumpsuits and tight tops written by Chinese characters also greatly enhances the body’s sense of body.In this novel, Xiao Shou chose a black conjoined sexy underwear to outline his well -proportioned body and strong chest muscles, making him feel full of manner.

Style two: solid color sexy T -shirt

For the more shy gay men, the style of solid color and sexy T -shirt is a good choice.This sexy underwear design is relatively simple, showing the small breasts and waist lines, not as exaggerated and bold as adult sexy underwear design.Xiao Shou chose a pink solid color T -shirt to show his gentle side.

Style 3: Clavical T -shirt

For Xiao Shou, clavicle is a very attractive part.The clavicle T -shirt is a tailored underwear tailored for this part to make the curve of the collarbone more obvious.Xiao Shou chose a white collarbone T -shirt on the edge of lace, making him more tall and more temperament.

Style 4: Black leather tight pants

Black leather tight pants are particularly suitable for small signs in men.This sexy underwear can show the small waist lines and hip curves, showing the charm of men.Xiao Shou chose a pair of leggings to make his figure more slender and full of masculinity.

Style five: sleeve sexy underwear

Sleeve sexy underwear is a very suitable underwear type that is very suitable for men.It uses the sleeve design to make the lines of both arms and shoulders more prominent.Xiao Shou chose a black sleeve -style sexy underwear here, highlighting his healthy muscle lines.

Style 6: grid design underwear

Grid design underwear is a special sexy underwear.It uses grid design to make the small muscle lines more clear.When the gay and Xiao Shou tried this sexy underwear, he chose a grid short -sleeved T -shirt to make him more handsome and stylish.

Style Seven: Pants sexy underwear

The thongs can make the small hip curve more prominent.In an occasion similar to sexy underwear, this style of sexy underwear perfectly shows the sexy charm of the small reception.So Xiaosa chose a black pants to make his hips stronger and tight.

Style eight: shoulder straps and belt underwear

The shoulder strap and belt -style sexy underwear are very suitable for gays.It adopts the design of multi -shoulder straps and multi -belt, which can make the muscles more obvious and healthy.Xiao Shou chose a dark blue shoulder strap and lumbar sexy underwear, making his figure more sexy and charming.

Style Nine: Seveled Section Sex Lingerie

The erotic underwear designed on the hollow area makes the figure more sexy and charming, especially for the young and small.Xiao Shou chose a white hollow erotic underwear here to show his muscle lines and healthy hip curves.

Style ten: bear clothes

Xiong’s clothing is a special type of male and sexy underwear.It is simple to design, but it is full of men’s strength and charm.Xiao Su chose a black bear’s sexy underwear here, showing the powerful and confident in his heart.


The sexy lingerie journey of the gay is involved in many styles and types of sexy underwear.After tasteing different styles, Xiao Shou better understands his body and heart, showing his men’s charm.This also allows us to see the unique significance and value of sexy underwear from one side.

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