The main production base of sexy underwear

The main production base of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear suitable for couples or couples. It usually uses transparent or transparent fabrics, as well as special design and straps to increase the sexy and temptation of the wearer.With the increase of market demand, the production base of sex underwear has also greatly developed.This article will introduce you to the main production base of sexy underwear.

Guangzhou, China

As one of the largest sexy underwear production bases in the world, Guangzhou, China, can be amazing.Here, you can find the world’s top sexy underwear brands, or other brands that allow you to get greater discounts in price.In addition, the style of the sexy underwear brand in Guangzhou is also unique, which is different from the style of other countries.Here you can find the styles that are not available around the world.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles’s sexy underwear culture is unique and stylish.Here, you can find a lot of different sexy underwear brands, such as Victoria’s Secret.At the same time, as a global fashion center, Los Angeles is open, bold, and avant -garde, and is loved by young people.

Tokyo, Japan

As a fashion center in Asia in Japan, its sexy underwear culture also has a relatively unique style.Japan’s sexy lingerie culture often presents a pure and cute style. At the same time, sexy underwear made by whimsical and careful production is also very popular.

Paris France

As a global fashion capital, Paris, France, has its unique sexy underwear culture.In Paris, you can find some top -level erotic underwear brands with very different styles, including Chantelle and Aubade brands with high international visibility. Its products are handmade and very sophisticated in the selection of fabric materials.

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy is one of the most influential fashion shows in the world, and one of the important production bases of sexy underwear.In Milan, you can find the world’s top sexy underwear brands, such as La Perla, Marlies Dekkers, etc.These brands have their own unique style and design concepts, and they are loved by customers.

Berlin, Germany

As one of the European fashion capitals, the sexual style of sexy underwear in Berlin, Germany is healthy, fresh and bright.Here, you can find some high -quality sexy underwear brands, such as Triumph, which is very particular about the selection of materials, workmanship and details of the fabric.

Sydney, Australia

Australian Sydney’s sexy underwear culture is healthy and vibrant.Here, you can find some sexy underwear brands with unique styles, such as Pleasure State, STM, etc.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The fun underwear culture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is particularly open, reflects the sexy and self -confidence of Brazilians.The dark semi -transparent clothing, the tension fabric, the smooth line design, the exposed shoulders, and the arc -shaped tailoring, which form a beautiful and unique sexy underwear here.

Canada Vancouver

Vancouver’s sexy underwear culture is mainly healthy, simple, and fashionable. It is complete and comfortable. It is loved by many customers.Here, you can find top -level erotic underwear from brands such as Nevaeh, Lola Haze, Something, and Fortnight. Their style is diverse and unique in style.

In summary, the sexy underwear production bases around the world have their own advantages. It provides different styles, more suitable prices, and superior quality of sexy underwear for customers to choose from.This sexy underwear suitable for couples or husbands and wives, with the increase of society and the increase in people’s demand for sex, its market demand will also increase.

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