The story of shooting with sexy underwear models

The beginning of shooting sex underwear models

I am a sexy underwear photographer. I recently received a shooting task that I need to shoot a few sexy sexy underwear models.After some screening, several suitable models were finally determined to start shooting.


Before shooting, we need to prepare all aspects of shooting location, photography equipment, makeup artists, and clothing artists.For the shooting of sexy underwear, pay attention to creating a sexy, warm and comfortable atmosphere, so as to make the model more natural and relaxed when shooting.

Shooting skills

When shooting sexy underwear, pay attention to the angle, light, expression and other aspects of shooting.Different styles of sexy underwear need to use different shooting skills. Some need to highlight the chest and some need to highlight the waistline. When shooting, you need to adjust different styles.

Model requirements

Shooting sex underwear requires a good figure and confident personality.For models, pay attention to maintaining a good figure, make yourself more suitable for shooting sexy underwear, and be confident, so as to be more natural and smooth when shooting.

Choice of clothing

Different styles of sexy underwear need to be paired with different underwear, so as to achieve the best shooting effect.When choosing clothing, pay attention to color, size, style, etc. to ensure that the costumes of the clothing are consistent with the temperament and body of the model.

Makeup requirements

When shooting sexy underwear, makeup is a very important step.Different styles of erotic underwear need to be matched with different makeup. Makeup should be made according to the characteristics of sexy underwear. While highlighting the model of the model, it can also make the sexy underwear more beautiful.

Data processing

After the shooting is completed, the data should be introduced into the computer in time to organize.For the photos taken, you need to perform post -processing, including details such as trimming and coloring, so that the photo is clearer and beautiful.

Precautions when shooting

When shooting, pay attention to protecting the privacy of the model, and pay attention to your own words and deeds, and do not make uncomfortable behaviors.Pay attention to maintaining professional quality so that models and other staff feel comfortable and respect.

Reflection and improvement after shooting

After shooting, we need to reflect and improve our shooting process.In the process of shooting, we will inevitably encounter some problems, we need to continuously improve in the process of dealing with the problem, and improve the quality and efficiency of shooting.

my point of view

Shooting sex underwear is not only technology and equipment, but also professionalism and professional ethics.In the process of shooting, we must pay attention to protecting the privacy and respect of the models, maintaining the image and moral standards of occupations, in order to better complete the shooting task and win the trust and satisfaction of customers.

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