Try to penetrate sex underwear novels

Erotic trial

This is an ordinary weekend afternoon, and I received a package with a beautiful set of sexy underwear.I have been hesitating with such clothes, but my colleagues recommended this brand to say that it is one of the best sexy underwear in the market.Curiosity drove me to try on this suit.

Eye -catching design

The design of this set of sexy underwear is really different. It is far from the conventional black or red wave dots, lace and soft satin. Here are high -saturated, purple cortex and lace. There are many strange details.

Strange smell

When I took out a sexy underwear to try on, this disappointed me: it smelled a chemical smell, not just the plastic taste produced by the clothes, it really seemed like the plastic taste on the child toy.

Tight size

I tried my bra, but I must have chosen the wrong size, and it is difficult to breathe.I originally wanted to use adjusting the shoulder strap to relieve discomfort and get rid of the tight restraint, but it was too difficult to wear, and I quickly removed it.

High -quality feel

But pants are really suitable for me, a soft, abstract but very high -quality artificial silk material.It is very comfortable to wear, and the tight design shows my body curve.

Allow you to indulge

Because of the design and fragmented cloth production of sexy underwear, the firmness is greatly reduced.When you put yourself on it, it feels like you can get rid of all kinds of restraints and become more indulgent and free.You don’t have to hug everything again, but you can live as comfortable as a child.

The joy of hand -cutting

The texture of this sexy lingerie is great, and I also like its design style.The sewing and tailoring look perfect, so that I have a feeling of making this sexy underwear based on my body.


If you want to try sexy underwear, then this sexy underwear is a good choice.Although I don’t like her open design style, the whole clothes feels very good, and it can break the restraint of some social norms to let you play freely.This is really a very special experience.

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