Twelve constellation men and women’s sexy underwear map

Twelve constellation men and women’s sexy underwear map

Sexy underwear, sexy underwear, can inspire desires in the human body and make people more attractive.The preferences of different constellation men and women in erotic underwear are also different.Below, let’s take a look at the style and style of the twelve constellation men and women on sexy underwear.


Aries women pay attention to comfortable and breathable clothes.They like sports -style erotic underwear, such as vest sports corsets, or sexy underwear like T -shirts, with simple sports pants, can better highlight the fashion and sexuality of Aries women.

Aries men like to expose the sexy underwear of the skin, such as open crotch pants or sexy bra, which can meet their needs and unique needs.


Women in Taurus like elegant and textured erotic underwear, simple black, white, or flesh -colored is a good choice.They also like to fully show their advantages, such as plump chests or slender legs, and sexy underwear suitable for style can reflect their beautiful figure.

Taurus men like to show stable and restrained sexy underwear.A simple and stylish underwear or a simple robe is a good choice, showing the maturity and self -confidence of Taurus men.


Gemini women like diverse sexy lingerie, like innovation, and all kinds of colors and styles can satisfy them.And passionate underwear can cater to their personalized needs different from ordinary people.

Gemini men like unique sexy underwear.Strange colors and unusual shapes can cause their interest and curiosity.


Women in Cancer like exquisite sexy underwear. They focus on comfort and elegance. Materials with good breathability and delicate details make them feel comfortable.At the same time, comfortable and elegant styles are their best choices.

Cancer men like light -colored sexy underwear, such as pink, light blue and other colors.Pourked shorts or lace briefs can highlight their cuteness and tenderness.


Leo women like luxurious sexy underwear, with gorgeous design such as sequins, beads or embroidery.At the same time, they also like colorful underwear, which can show their emperor’s temperament.

And Leo men like sexy underwear with chest hair. This masculine underwear is suitable for them to show the confidence and charm of men.


Virgo women like retro sexy underwear, and the three -color tone of black and white gray is good.They pay attention to the details, and the detailed lace, folds, embroidery and buttons can satisfy them.

Virgo men like sexy lingerie full of capacity, transparent mesh or tight sports shorts can meet their needs.


Women in Libra likes to have light yarn, lace and silk sexy underwear. These materials are comfortable and soft, and they can also reflect their elegant temperament.In terms of color tones, the light color reveals the lively and innocence of Libra women.

Libra men pay more attention to the degree and color of sexy underwear. They like a slightly waist conjoined underwear and simple shorts.You can also choose vivid colors, such as red, wine red, gorgeous yellow, etc., reflecting their vitality and youth.


Scorpio women like black sexy underwear, which can show their mystery.At the same time, transparent lace and glazed decorations are also the styles of their frequencies.

Scorpio men like sexy sexy underwear, making the body curve more prominent.Simple underwear such as shorts and vests can make their personality and charm.


Sagittarius women like practical sexy underwear, and also pay attention to charm and elegance.Simple design, comfortable materials, and style suitable for daily wear are their choices.

Sagittarius men like shorts -type sexy underwear, such as low -waist triangle pants.Bright sexy underwear can better reflect the freedom and chic of Sagittarius men.


Capricorn women like classic sexy underwear. Black or same -color underwear can best attract their interest.The material of the underwear requires a high -quality texture, which complements their elegant and stable temperament.

Capricorn men like simple and gorgeous sexy underwear, such as low -key corset or striped and pattern underwear.


Women in Aquarius like creative sexy underwear. They are pursuing fashion and changes, like gorgeous decorations, and popular colors.

Aquarius men like sexy sexy underwear, which can reflect their sense of personality and fashion.And some special materials, such as leather, metal, are also their choices.


Women in Pisces like pink and white sexy underwear, lace decoration and lace edge design are popular elements.Soft satin and light gauze can reflect elegance and nature.

Pisces men’s erotic underwear like bright, bright colors, and simple and playful styles.Transparent underwear, hot pants underwear, etc. are their best choice.


Each constellation men and women have their own personality and preferences, and sexy underwear can satisfy these preferences.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your own constellation is to better show sexy body curves, and it can also better show your rich and colorful personality.I hope this article can give you a little inspiration and make you more handy when choosing a sexy underwear.

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