Unwilling to bed erotic underwear

Reason for unwilling to wear sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a high -grade underwear designed to enhance emotional experience.However, some people are more resistant to this type of underwear and are unwilling to try.In this article, I will explore some reasons why people are unwilling to wear sexy underwear.

Reason 1: Donise

Some people feel that sexy underwear is not comfortable enough.They think that the sexy underwear is too tight or tight, or has hard fabrics and accessories, uncomfortable to wear, and may even scratch the skin.

Reason 2: I think they are showing off

Some people think that the behavior of wearing fun underwear is showing off their sexy and attractiveness.They don’t want to be "vases" or seem "vulgar".

Reason 3: Unconfident

Some people may not be confident in their bodies and think that their bodies are not good enough or sexy enough, so they are unwilling to wear sexy underwear.They may think that sexy underwear is only suitable for women with good figure, confidence and sexy.

Reason 4: Not suitable for the occasion

Some people may think that sexy underwear is only suitable for wearing in private occasions, not suitable for wearing in public.They believe that wearing fun underwear can make people misunderstand or have a bad impression.

Reasons 5: Can’t solve the love lingerie

Some people may not know much about the types, styles, design and materials of sexy underwear. They lack interest and curiosity about this type of underwear, so they are unwilling to wear.

Reason 6: No chance to wear

Some people may not have a chance to wear sexy underwear.It may be because they have no love or no chance to experience the extraordinary experience brought by sexy underwear.As a result, I have never tried this underwear, and I have not become a habit.

Reason 7: Too expensive

The equipment and materials required for some sexy underwear are relatively expensive.Some people may not want to buy a lot of money for this underwear, or they may not have enough financial resources to buy these underwear.

Reason 8: Different visual aesthetics

Different people have different aesthetics.Therefore, some people may not be interested in the design and style of sexy underwear.They think this underwear is too fancy or too straightforward.

in conclusion

In short, different people will have different views and reasons, so that they are unwilling to wear sexy underwear.We should respect everyone’s personal choices and good evils, and we should not force them to wear sexy underwear.Of course, wearing fun underwear is just a way that may enhance emotional experience. If you don’t want to wear, then you don’t have to force yourself.

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