Wear love underwear videos by yourself


Interest underwear is a special underwear, which not only has a breakthrough in function, but also has very high enjoyment in visual art.So today, let’s talk about how to buy suitable sexy underwear for ourselves, and how to wear it to bring the ultimate visual and emotional enjoyment to ourselves and partners.

Buy a sexy underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is your personal preferences and figure characteristics.In terms of fabric selection, it is recommended to choose soft silk, cotton or lace products to make the skin breathe comfortably and prevent allergies.Other styles and colors can be selected according to personal preferences, but avoid choosing too tight or unfinressed styles, which will also adversely affect physical health.

Confidence is the best sexy underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, self -confidence is very important.Sex underwear is designed to enjoy visual enjoyment for yourself and his partner, so do not be too shy or restrained when wearing sexy underwear. After entering the state, you will make you and your partner feel sexy and intimate.

Choose a suitable occasion to wear sex underwear

Interest underwear is not only available in bed, and the correct choice will make wearing erotic underwear more reflecting its visual art and beauty.For example, you can wear sexy underwear at a romantic dinner, or to enjoy relaxing time at home, etc. In these occasions, make yourself more confident and relaxed.

How to wear sexy underwear

The skills of wearing sex underwear are also very particular.First of all, choose the right underwear when wearing, and feel that the version should be more fitted with the body line to present a more perfect curve.Secondly, underwear is a special clothing, so you can try a more strange way of wear, such as with different tulle skirts or accessories such as stockings, you can pursue a more wonderful feeling.

Details determine success

Regarding wearing fun underwear, details are very important.When wearing underwear, try to adjust the pants to the best state to ensure that the underwear can perfectly fit your hips, thighs and waist to show your curvy beauty as much as possible.In addition to these, moderate accessories can not only improve the style of wearing, but also enhance your temperament, and make wearing more high -level sense.

Show the body curve moderately

You can also show your curvy beauty appropriately.Through the appropriate underwear selection, you can highlight your plumpness, highlight the tightness, and achieve the effect of sexy beauty.But remember that it should be displayed moderately, don’t be too exposed, the conventional ‘three -point exposure’ principle makes you just right.

Appropriate dress

Pay attention to the overall effect of wearing sexy underwear. Not only is attractive underwear, but proper dressing is also very important.For example, choosing your favorite hairstyles and makeup, these can add self -confidence to yourself, and exert the greatest charm.


It is sexy and exclusive to wear sexy underwear, but sharing is also very good.Whether it is a male or female friend or a couple, you can choose together, wear it together, or toys with sexy lingerie, you can enjoy more colorful sexual activities, and at the same time, you can also stimulate the emotional and intimacy of both parties.


Wearing sexy underwear is to bring a new visual enjoyment to yourself and the other half, and it is also the most direct gift for yourself and the other party.Don’t be shy, don’t hesitate, try to create more possibilities in your own wear.Interest underwear is not a teasing red card, but a "match" that ignites the flame of blessing.

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