Use sexy sheets with boyfriend

The use of sexy underwear to enhance the pleasure of sexual life is a very private and popular way.If your boyfriend likes you to wear sexy underwear, you must consider his thoughts and opinions, and you must also understand your needs and comfort.In this article, we will explore how to use a sexy underwear with a boyfriend.

Transitional underwear

If you are not sure what type of sexy underwear like your boyfriend likes, then transitional underwear is a good choice.They can create a neutral atmosphere in both aspects of sexy and relaxation.These underwear usually have pink, red, black or white colors, and also have different styles for everyone to choose from.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of the sexy underwear that is very popular with men.They can bring elegant, sexy and charming effects, and create an unusual interest atmosphere in romantic occasions.Lace underwear is usually made of soft materials, so it is very comfortable to wear.

Belly pocket underwear

If you want to be comfortable and need a simple and clear sexy experience, then choose a bellyband -style sexy underwear.The key part of this underwear is the bra, and the other parts are relatively short.They can make your body more close and better highlight your body advantages.

Open underwear

If you want to create a romantic and surprising situation, then you can try to open the underwear.This underwear is very convenient to wear, and it can add some mysterious colors when maintaining comfort and naturalness.They can keep you in the state of wearing, while also improving the pleasure of sexual life.

Sailor uniform underwear

Sailor uniform underwear is a sexy underwear full of fantasy and fairy tale, which can attract your boyfriend’s attention.They usually use bright and unique materials, and combine with various key design elements, such as support rods, buttons and clothing ties.

Mesh underwear

Netwear -shaped underwear has the charm of thousands of people.They are usually made of mesh materials, showing the seductive curve of women’s bodies.This kind of sexy underwear is very sexy, and it is very comfortable to wear, suitable for use on more grand occasions.

Silk underwear

Silk underwear represents the exquisite and noble beauty, which is very suitable for creating a romantic and interesting atmosphere.The silk material is soft and lubricated, making your body feel excellent, and you can easily adjust your body temperature, so that you can keep you comfortable in the process of sex.


Graffiti underwear is a fashionable, chic and interesting sexy underwear.They are printed with various pattern design materials, and they usually use embroidery, silk printing or digital printing technology.Graffiti underwear makes people think of bold and adventure, and it is also an excellent choice for showing personality and freedom.

in conclusion

We can see that using erotic underwear can make your sex life more accurate, interesting and peacock opening the screen.No matter which style of underwear you choose, they can show your hormones and temperament, let your boyfriend appreciate your body and form.I hope this article can bring you inspiration to help you create a romantic and exciting and wonderful sexual experience.

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