Water flowers are not water and sexy underwear

Water flowers are not water and sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a unique women’s underwear. It is exquisite and luxurious, sexy and enchanting. It is an essential equipment for women to show their beauty and sexy.However, when choosing sexy underwear, many women will encounter problems, how to find a style that suits them in different types of sexy underwear.Among them, water flowers and water are two common types of sexy underwear. This article will analyze these two sexy underwear in detail to help you better understand them and make wise choices.

Water flowers are sexy underwear

Water flowers and flowers are a lingerie made of light and transparent materials such as lace or gauze. It is characterized by the use of soft, thin, personal, light, light, lace and other elements, and has comfort and beauty.Water flowers and flowers focus on the smoothness and comfort of the lines, creating a feeling of rudeness, which can highlight the advantages of women’s body and make the body lines more beautiful and seductive.

Water rush to make fun of the sheets

Water and erotic underwear are underwear made of high elastic materials. It is characterized by softness, telescopic, bright, shiny, and there is a sense of weight on the surface. Women who love water and sexy underwear like it.They pay more attention to the distinctive lines, especially the prominent chest and hips, making women more sexy and charming.


Applicable occasions can determine what kind of sexy underwear you wear.If you need to wear in daily life, then water and flower underwear are undoubtedly the best choice.If you plan to flirt with erotic underwear, or other similar occasions, water is a better choice.

Different body type of sexy underwear

Although each woman is different, there are still some basic types.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different types of figures.If you are petite and exquisite, you should choose water and flower underwear, because its light and transparent features are suitable for this body.If you belong to a thin type, the water -rushing underwear will be more suitable for you, because its personal high -elastic materials can better shape your figure.

Psychological influence

When choosing sexy underwear, women’s psychological conditions are also important.If you try water flowers underwear, but your psychology wants to buy sexy and shocking underwear, then you may feel dissatisfied.Similarly, if you want to buy sexy underwear to show your cuteness and softness, but you choose water, then you may feel unnatural.

Color choice

Each erotic underwear has a series of possible colors, and different colors have different meaning and attractiveness to women.When selecting colors, consider your skin tone, hair color, eyes and lipstick.For example, light -colored underwear, such as light pink, nude, suitable for fair skin tone, while black sexy underwear is suitable for more skin tone, and dark blue underwear is suitable for dark occasions.

Trick choice

On the choice of underwear, the choice of patterns and patterns is very different.Each pattern represents different meanings. When choosing, you must also consider your physical characteristics and personality characteristics.Among them, the sexy underwear of printing and flower patterns is more suitable for young women, cute and atmospheric women; and the sexy lingerie of the stitching pattern is suitable for mature women who want to shape their body lines more perfectly.

Matching accessories

The combination of sexy underwear and accessories is also a very important issue.Women can choose earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other accessories that match sexy underwear to create a perfect sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Through the above analysis, we can see that water flowers and flowers have different characteristics and different types of applicable occasions.For how to choose sexy lingerie, you need to make moderate decisions based on your body, mental state, color, pattern and accessories.You can clearly know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of sexy underwear, so that you can better choose a sexy underwear that suits you.In the end, choose your favorite sexy underwear to make yourself more beautiful and sexy!

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