What is the use of sexy lingerie neck chain

What is sex lingerie necklace

Sex lingerie necklace, also known as the neck chain, is a special design of sexy underwear.This chain is usually made of beads, diamonds, quartz and other materials and worn around the neck.

The purpose of sexy underwear necklace

This special necklace can make the style of sexy underwear more complete and beautiful.In fact, underwear designed with erotic lingerie necklace generally does not require other decorations.It can be well dotted with the wearer’s neck, making the body more tempting and making adults more intense.

Types of sex lingerie necklace

There are many types of sexy underwear necklace, and you can choose the one you like style.For example: bead necklace, diamond necklace, leather necklace, silver necklace, etc.You can choose a necklace with different styles depending on the underwear style.

Different underwear styles with different necklaces

You need to choose different necklaces with different erotic lingerie styles.If it is a V -neck underwear, you can choose a simple and long necklace to add a small and fresh temperament.If it is a back underwear, it can be paired with a delicate butterfly necklace to highlight cuteness and sexy.In short, you should choose a necklace suitable for your own underwear style and personal style.

Suitable for matching

Sex lingerie necklace is suitable for various occasions, such as romantic dinner, party, Valentine’s Day, etc.Wearing a sexy underwear with a necklace and a suitable jacket or skirt, you can also participate in various formal occasions.

Maintenance of sexy lingerie necklace

The cleaning of the metal part of the sexy lingerie can be cleaned with water and a small amount of laundry, soak the necklace, be careful not to brush it hard to avoid scratching the necklace surface.Other necklace materials require special maintenance methods, and it is recommended to pay attention to maintenance according to the corresponding materials.

How to choose sex lingerie necklace

The key to choosing a sex lingerie necklace is the style of the underwear and your personal style.If you want to match a special dinner with your partner, you need to choose a relatively long, simple, and classic necklace; if you meet with your friends at night, you can choose a more unique and self -style neck chain.

The price of erotic lingerie necklace

The price of erotic underwear necklaces depends on different design, materials, brands and sales channels.Some are very expensive and even exceed the price of sexy underwear.However, there are also some high -cost design and better materials to choose from. The price range suitable for ordinary consumers is between tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan.

in conclusion:

Sex lingerie necklace is a special design of sexy underwear. It can add atmosphere, make the underwear style more complete and beautiful, and suitable for various occasions.Choosing a necklace suitable for your own underwear style and personal style is the most important to achieve the perfect matching effect.At the same time, pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear necklaces to make it longer.Finally, remind everyone that the price is not the only factors, it is best to choose a highly cost -effective design and material that is better.

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