What kind of sexy underwear looks good

1. Master your own figure characteristics

The good or bad of sexy underwear is closely related to the characteristics of the body. Therefore, first of all, you need to master your body characteristics, such as chest shape, waist and hip ratio, shoulder and neck lines, etc. This can help you find the most suitable sex underwear for you and show your best beststate.

2. Choose a style that suits you

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions or clothing matching. These factors need to be considered when choosing underwear.For example, the elegant long bras are suitable for wearing in tulle long skirts or lace trousers, and the lace bras of sexy back are suitable for wearing in the backless or dresses, showing a unique sexy charm.

3. Choose the right color

Color is an important element of sexy underwear. It not only is related to the overall beauty of the underwear, but also affects the presence of the skin.Generally speaking, women with fair skin tone are suitable for choosing light -colored underwear, and women with darker skin tone can try to choose dark or warm colors.

4. Choose suitable fabrics

The texture of the fabric is an important manifestation of sexy underwear, and different fabrics have different characteristics.For example, lace fabrics can show soft lines, and imitation skin and acrylic fabrics can bring unique fashion and three -dimensional sense.

5. Pay attention to the choice of underwear size

The fun underwear of different brands may be slightly different, so you need to carefully measure your body size when choosing, and combine the brand size table to choose the right size.Too small or too large underwear can affect beauty, wear experience and health.

6. Understand your own wear needs

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider its wearing needs, such as wearing, exercise, and sleeping every day.Different wearing needs need to choose different styles and materials, and take into account factors such as breathability and comfort.

7. Buy sexy underwear from regular brands

Due to the special nature of erotic underwear, it is very important to buy sexy underwear for regular brands. It is not only related to quality and comfort, but also significant significance to ensure health and safety.When buying, try to choose well -known brands with good reputation and reputation.

8. Follow your own personality characteristics

As a fashion single product that shows individuality, sexy underwear also needs to conform to its own personality characteristics.For example, sexy and charming lace sexy underwear is suitable for lively and love women, while simple and comfortable steel -free lingerie is suitable for women with simple beauty.

9. Pay attention to fashion matching

The matching method of sexy underwear is also particular. It can mix and match with other clothing, or as a dream transition between underwear and coats.For example, perspective lace bras can be paired with low -necked dress or wide -shoulder suit jacket. Wrapped chest straps are suitable for loose trousers or short skirts to create different fashion styles.

10. Keep confidence and elegance

The most important thing is that when wearing sexy underwear, you must maintain confidence and elegance anyway, so as to truly show their beauty and charm.The inner self -confidence and elegance are the best match for sexy underwear, making you a beautiful goddess in your eyes.

The above are 8 to 10 aspects of choosing good -looking sexy underwear. From many aspects such as styles, fabrics, sizes, brands, etc., you can find the most suitable sexy underwear for you to create the best fashion style.

Conclusion: Choosing the sexy underwear that suits you can really show its beauty and charm, bringing unlimited sexy charm and confidence and elegance.

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