What sexy underwear to wear 1 meter 5

What are the sexy underwear in 1.5 meters?

Many women who are not tall will encounter difficulties when choosing sexy underwear, because most of the sexy underwear models are designed according to the figure of the standard model.But every woman should have the color and sexy they want, regardless of height.So how should women of 1 meter choose a sexy underwear that suits them?Here are some suggestions:

1. Prefer the style that suits your body figure

When choosing sexy underwear, the first thing to pay attention to is the size.Don’t blindly pursue fashion trends and choose too much or too small sexy underwear.Wearing too much erotic underwear will look tight, but will make the figure look more bloated.Wearing a small erotic underwear will expose the body too much and have no sexy effect.In addition, it is best to choose a simple style and smooth lines when choosing, which will make the figure more prominent.

2. Choose the style that emphasizes the neck

For women who are more petite, choosing proper neck design will make the whole person look taller.For example, the "V" neckline, lapels and other styles can extend the lines of the upper body.At the same time, some bright colors, or adding some flash points in the neck, can make the whole person higher.

3. Choose underwear tightened in the waist

For women with petite figure, the waist is usually not very thin. Choosing some waist -tightened underwear will adjust the proportion more coordinated.

4. Choose the underwear that can be adjusted freely by the shoulder strap

When women choose sexy underwear, they play a very important role with their shoulder straps.Selecting the sexy underwear that can adjust the shoulder strap freely can not only ensure the appropriate size, but also make the shoulder lines more sexy.

5. Choose a thin fabric underwear

For a petite woman, choose some sexy underwear with thin fabrics, which can make close -up clothes fit the body curve more and highlight the body advantage.

6. Avoid big pattern accessories

Jewelry such as big pattern and big bows will make the underwear too exaggerated, and it will look even more bulky in the petite women.So try to choose simple and smooth lines of sexy underwear to highlight the lines.

7. Choose a design without folding

Although folds can create a soft female style, for the petite women, the folds can reduce the texture of the underwear and make the figure look bloated.Therefore, it is important to choose a sexy underwear without fold.

8. Color selection

Color is also an important aspect to consider in sex underwear when buying.It is best to choose dark colors as much as possible, so as to highlight the skin color and make the figure more slender.At the same time, in a dark environment, dark underwear can also highlight their sexy.

9. Skills to wear

Although sexy underwear is very sexy, it also needs to be worn reasonably according to different occasions.Choosing the appropriate top and lower dressing can make the sexy effects of sexy underwear more prominent.

10. Confidence

Wearing sexy underwear, the most important thing is self -confidence.Self -confident women will exude real charm.So don’t lose confidence due to the problem of body height.

The above are some suggestions on how to choose sexy underwear.The most important thing is to choose the underwear that suits you and wear confidence to achieve the best results.

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