What should I do if my husband does not pay attention to wearing sexy underwear

There should be a good communication

When there is such a problem between a couple, we should first realize that there should be a good communication.This problem needs to be solved by communication.Discuss your needs and ideas together, and ask your partner if you have any interest or intended to wear sexy underwear.If he didn’t, try to talk about his views and see if he could find a middle area.

Know your partner’s motivation

Maybe your partner is interested in wearing fun underwear, but you still need to understand why.Is it because you want to improve your quality of sex, or because you want to make surprises on special occasions?Understanding your partner’s motivation can help you choose the right sexy underwear for him.

Suitable for you two styles

When choosing sexy underwear for your partner, you should consider your two styles.Don’t just consider your personal preferences, but try to find a style suitable for you.This can increase the partner’s preferences and acceptance of sexy underwear.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality can not only improve the life of sexy underwear, but also make your partner feel your intentions.Choosing an excellent quality can increase the interest of his partner for sexy underwear and may make him willing to use them more frequently.

Confidence and relaxation

Wearing a sexy underwear requires self -confidence and relaxation.If your partner is not used to wearing sexy underwear, you can explore some more conservative styles, such as opaque materials and traditional sexy underwear.At the same time, you can try to wear fun underwear in private places to practice and improve self -confidence.

Choose the appropriate occasion

It is also important to choose the appropriate occasion.No matter how beautiful the sexy lingerie may be embarrassed and uncomfortable in the wrong occasion.So you should consider whether they wear on the occasion, whether someone is worn place, whether it is consistent with the atmosphere of this occasion, and so on.

Tell him the feeling you want

Your partner may not understand, because he does not understand the purpose of wearing a sexy underwear.Tell him what you feel like wearing fun underwear, such as sexy, confident, little witch, and so on.In this way, he can better understand your psychological needs and easier to accept your dress.

Don’t force

Don’t force your partner. If he really doesn’t like to wear sexy underwear, then you should accept this fact.You can try to find other ways to create surprises and change your sexual life.Remember, the forced partner to do what he does not want to do is never a good idea.

Try to experience

Design some innovative and interesting things, so that your partner can easily accept sexy underwear easier.For example, you can tailor and make sexy underwear together, which can increase the meaning and meaning of sexy underwear.Try to explore and experience together can make your partner easier to accept the culture of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

When choosing sexy underwear for your partner, you need to understand his needs and motivation, consider your style, choose excellent qualities, and choose the right occasion.The most important thing is that while implementing all the above ideas, do not force your partner to wear sexy underwear.Joint exploration and experience can make your partner easier to accept this culture and bring anger to your sexual life.

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