Who is generally wearing in sex underwear

Who is generally wearing in sex underwear

1. Self -confident women

Interest underwear is not just to meet the visual needs of men for women, but also for the happiness and satisfaction of women itself.Women who wear sexy underwear are generally confident in themselves, hoping to show their most beautiful side in bed.

2. Hope to add interesting couples

There is a big difference between the sexual desire between the individual or the husband and wife in the life of the husband and wife. Interesting underwear can add the interest of the husband and wife life, making the two closer.

3. Women who love fashion

With the change of the times and the development of society, the design of sexy underwear has become more diverse and fashionable.Putting on sexy underwear will make women’s figures more charming and make them feel more confident.

4. Artists and models

In various industries, artists and models generally need to wear sexy sexy underwear in shooting and performances to create an atmosphere.And they may also wear sexy underwear in daily life to add their charm.

5. Those who want to rewind passion

In the life of husband and wife, fatigue often appears because of boring.Putting on sex underwear can re -ignite the passion between each other and make the relationship between husband and wife closer.

6. Explore new sexual ways

Sexy underwear can help couples explore more new sexual ways, try new toys or role -playing sex games.

7. Toys lovers

Generally speaking, people who like sexy underwear are toy lovers.They like to increase their sexual pleasure in various ways, and the use of sexy underwear and other toys can achieve better results.

8. Those who want to change yourself

Putting on sexy sexy underwear For those who are more conservative and shy in daily life, they may have a new feeling.Wearing sexy erotic underwear can make them get out of their comfort zone and become more confident and open.

9. Newly married couple

I often see someone wearing a sexy underwear on the day of the wedding to surprise the partner, which also increases the fun and intimacy between the newlyweds to a certain extent.

10. Want to give yourself a reward

Finally, the reason for wearing a sexy underwear may also be to self -reward and improve self -esteem.After completing some difficulties and important jobs, wearing a sexy sexy underwear is also a reward method.


Different people have different reasons for wearing erotic underwear, but no matter what the reason, they should fully respect each other and understand the use of the power contained in sexy underwear, bringing a better experience and closer to themselves and partners to bring their own and partners.Relationship.

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