Why is there no characteristic of sexy underwear

Preliminary detection

Interesting underwear is designed to add fun. It is a kind of sex supplies. Compared with traditional underwear, it requires more creative and design elements to attract consumers. This also makes sexy underwear and traditional underwear very largethe difference.However, in recent years, more and more consumers have discovered that the lack of characteristics of sexy underwear can even be said to be the same.This made them lose their motivation to buy, and also made the sales of sexy underwear better than expected.

The type of underwear is becoming more and more single

The type of sexy underwear is originally a single. In Eastern countries, most of the sexy underwear looks like an early Japanese style with a large number of bow and lace lace.This design was very popular in the early stages of promotion, but after that, the designer did not try to introduce more creative elements, which led to the stagnation of the style and design of sexy underwear and lacking freshness.

Single color selection

Similar to the design style is a single color.Red and black are the most commonly used colors in the design of sexy underwear. Compared with traditional underwear, the color choice of sexy underwear really lacks imagination, which makes consumers feel tasteless.

The material is too single

Lace, silk and cotton fabrics are the most commonly used materials in sexy underwear, which makes the sexy underwear on the market feel very similar and lacks quality and creativity.Therefore, manufacturers should create new design elements and styles with more diverse materials, such as leather, mesh fabrics or metal texture to enrich the supply of the market.

Size problem

The size commonly used in the sex underwear market is S, M, L, etc. In this way, the narrow range of the size of the size means that in order to adapt to people of different sizes, manufacturers may need to customize or develop large -scale sexy lingerie.

Gender -oriented design

Sex underwear producers and designers generally divide the gender too much, and the difference between the sex and style of men and women is too rigid.Too much emphasis on gender reduces the flexibility of personalized underwear, and also affects consumers’ diverse demand purchase capabilities.

Lack of brand representativeness

The difference between the design and style of the various brands of sex underwear is very small, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between sexy underwear and it is difficult to form brand loyalty.

market situation

Although the positioning of sexy underwear is designed to add interest, in many countries, it is regarded as sexual supplies, and the development space has also been greatly restricted because of this framework.one.

Enhance personalized design elements

Designers should seek more inspiration and design ideas to enhance the creative and personalized elements of sexy underwear.You can pay attention to functional, form, shape, color, texture, and materials to achieve creativity and seek more possibilities.

Increase brand representativeness

Fun underwear brands can learn from the experience of other successful brands, and hire professional brand designers and advertising agents to create the representativeness of the brand, strengthen brand image characteristics, thereby improving brand loyalty and market share.


In order to better develop, we need to conduct in -depth investigations of the sexy underwear market, dig in depth consumers’ needs, strengthen personalized elements and brand representativeness in the design of sexy underwear, and bring better shopping experience and moreFresh design elements, so that the sexy underwear market can better meet the needs of consumers.

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